How was Days Gone 2 supposed to look like? Former Bend Studio employee reveals details

January 11, 2022, 22:15

We know what Days Gone 2 was supposed to look like. The developer working on the first part of the game shared the details about the production. He also did not hide his disappointment with the decision ?? of the local management ?? Bend studies on the cancellation of the project.

ATTENTION! The news contains spoilers about the story Days Gone.

Jeff Ross, director of Days Gone, shared details of the game’s canceled sequel in an interview with USA Today. ?? Local Board ?? Bend studies did not express interest in continuing and abandoned the project, which, according to the developer, was very unfair.

Ross, who left the team in 2020 after about 20 years with the company, said the production was going to be the “final version of the game”. game vision. It would continue the plot of Deacon and his partner Sara from the first part.

Yes, they got back together, but they don’t seem happy. ?? What are we to do now? Okay, we were married before the apocalypse, but what about the future ??? ?? Ross said.

A former studio employee revealed that Days Gone 2 was to give players more fun tools thanks to Deacon’s acquisition of technology formerly owned by NERO.

We would again provide a telltale story. The motorcycle, of course, would also stay. However, I think we would shift the tone of the game a bit in a more technical direction. What?? like: ?? Okay, we have NERO toys ?? and what do we do with it now ???.

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The sequel was also to be expanded by the ability to swim and numerous improvements to the gameplay mechanics. The behavior of opponents, allies and animals would also change. Ross does not hide his dissatisfaction with the production being canceled. In his opinion, the second part could show the true potential of the brand and allow Bend Studio to spread its wings.

Days Gone It was meant to be the foundation on which other parts were to be built. Work began on the skeleton of the sequel, but the developers did not manage to find interest in the project among PlayStation leaders, which was reported by Jason Shreier in April 2021 in his report.

The Bend Studio production was criticized for several aspects, but Ross felt that other famous series had slower debuts and Days Gone 2 it could be a big qualitative leap in relation to the first part.

We must learn to crawl before we begin to walk. We must learn to walk before we can run. I saw it as a trilogy. Games like Batman: Arkham or the first Uncharted were they only a foundation on which to build new productions ?? said Jeff Ross.

Last week, a former developer Bend Studio accused the ?? local management ?? Bend’s studies about creating an atmosphere of failure around the first part Days Gone. According to him, it is all the more harmful as the title sold? as he claims ?? about 9 million copies (although there have been some doubts around that number).

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