How was Jennifer Lopez able to help Jane Fonda’s career?

In an interview, Jane Fonda reveals how Jennifer Lopez was essential for her comeback with the film The Mother-in-Law.

The actress Jane Fonda says she’s grateful that her career has been “resurrected” after fifteen years without getting roles. The help would have come from none other than the wife of Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez. The legendary Hollywood actress believes her career went to another level when she played opposite J-Lo in 2005.

Known for productions like Gracie and Frankie and barbarellaJane said in an interview that she felt her career going to another level when starring in the film The mother-in-law, in which she was the title character, making Jennifer Lopez’s life hell. The 2005 film was not loved by critics, however, it has a special place in the actress’ heart. That’s because it was the first role she’s played since 1990, when she starred in Stanley and Iris beside Robert de Niro.

She commented the following: “My greatest luck in life was when I was cast in The Mother-in-Law at a point in my career where I had been out of the acting business for fifteen years. In the movie, I was with Jennifer Lopez and it was a great comeback for me. I was almost 65 when I got this script out of the blue.”

“It was the only smart choice of my career. I thought ‘people go to the movies to see J-Lo and they’re going to rediscover Fonda’ and that’s exactly what happened,” dThis Jane. The actress won film’s highest honor, the Oscar, twice, in 1972 and ’79.

In the same interview, Jane Fonda said that she feels younger now, at 84, than she has felt in her entire life. She admitted that, at twenty, she felt “lost” and that she was “very unhappy, old and felt that I was not going to live long.”



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