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Meredith Gray is the true focal point of TV’s best-loved and longest-running medical drama, Grey’s Anatomybut off screen, you really know everything about the actress who plays her, Ellen Pompeo? Find out with our brand new quiz!

Ellen Pompeo aged in Grey's Anatomy:
Ellen Pompeo is Meredith Gray, the protagonist of Grey’s Anatomy – Credit: ABC

It all begins with Meredith Gray also for Ellen Pompeo’s career, her first and only major role as an American actress. However, there are many other small roles that mark her artistic path. Talented, determined and extremely fascinating, Ellen never resorted to the dream of acting but let’s say that it was acting and the world of entertainment that found her! Test yourself on all those details of the life and career of Ellen Pompeo, the protagonist of Grey’s Anatomy that not everyone knows, in our brand new quiz all about the actress of the most famous medical drama on TV!


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# 1. From which part of Italy does Ellen Pompeo originate?

#2. What other famous TV series did Ellen star in before Grey’s Anatomy?

# 3. How many children does Ellen Pompeo have?

# 4. Who is her best friend on the set of Grey’s Anatomy?

# 5. How many siblings does Ellen Pompeo have?

# 6. What famous actor worked with Ellen before she got famous?

# 7. What was Ellen Pompeo’s nickname as a child?

# 8. How old was Ellen when she joined Grey’s Anatomy?

# 9. How did you meet your husband, producer Chris Ivery?

# 10. How was Ellen discovered?

Share your findings with us on how much you know about ABC medical drama Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo in the comments and may the best win!

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