Huawei has announced that it will be giving away smartphones for free. He caused a storm

Huawei has announced that it will be giving away smartphones for free

Laughter through tears and a pinch of April Fool’s Day on Black Friday. This is how the representatives of Huawei had fun, by the way leading to a small war between users.

Nobody needs to be made aware of the situation of Huawei in the US. A Chinese company that covers the whole range Department of Commerce restrictions, it can’t officially sell any devices or services there. Nevertheless, he maintains a small office in Plano, Texas, which is responsible, among others, for for image-building activities, and it was it that set off the initiating charge.

“Black Friday Special! 100% Off All Phones We Sell Now in the US” – announced via a verified profile Huawei USA on Twitter.

Of course, the perceptive ones quickly sensed the flip, because Huawei, as has already been noted, no phones in the United States not selling. What’s more, the producer himself after less than an hour in the next post stated that he was only joking. The machine, however, started moving.

Among hundreds of opinions, there is no shortage of people who took an innocent joke seriously, creating all sorts of conspiracy theories at the same time. Or outrageous at the company that it does not do similar promotions in Europe, Asia or South America.

According to the editors, the guest, who is the author of the theory about the intricate plan of the Chinese, who “giving out phones for free, trying to wiretap millions of Americans” deserves a special laureate. But no less recklessly there were people calling for immediate intervention by the Republican senators. All in all, the provocation can be described as successful.

Photo source: Unsplash (Omid Armin)

Text source: Twitter (HuaweiUSA), ed. own

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