Huawei is making jokes on Twitter about the ban on the sale of its devices in the US

For over two years now Huawei is on the US “entity list.” This means that no company from the United States can work with a Chinese smartphone manufacturer. Therefore Huawei cannot sell its devices in the US. Moreover, the fact that the manufacturer was blacklisted meant that it could not implement Google services on its smartphones and tablets, which are highly appreciated by consumers. This significantly affected sales Huaweia devices.

Despite the poor situation in which the Chinese company has found itself, Huawei can still joke. HuaweiUSA profile posted a message on Twitter informing about a 100% discount. on Black Friday for all your devices sold in the United States. The joke was that the company can’t sell its smartphones there. Huawei he quickly explained the joke and Twitter users appreciated the sense of humor of the profile managers.

Huawei he played it extremely cleverly. The company reminded consumers of its existence and at the same time expressed its desire to return to american market thanks to the hashtag “ReadyWhenYouAre”.

Initially Huaweia management argued that hitting the “entity list” will not significantly affect their operation and sales. Time has shown that no Google services hit the company hard. No wonder then that they would like to return to the situation from before May 2019.


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