Huawei Mate 30, Now It Is Impossible to Install Google App Manually


Even Huawei Mate 30 loses the ability to install and use Google-branded apps, here are all the details from the Bloomberg report.

The confrontation between the Trump administration of the United States on the one hand and Huawei and China on the other is certainly not a mystery: the thorny issue begun last May 2019 is still far from over. If it is true that now Huawei devices can no longer access Google applications and services … it is true that a shortcut is always found, if one wants to look for it well.

And this is how in recent weeks Huawei Mate 30 owners have been able to safely and manually install some of the most useful Google-branded apps, including at least Google Maps and Gmail. The strategy was on average complex and exploited the new 5G networks, but it does not seem to be ruled out anyway a tacit consent from Google Same. However, now according to a Bloomberg report of the last few hours, this is no longer possible: Huawei users have lost the ability to manually install Google apps and exploit its services.

It is not clear how the situation will evolve in the next few hours: currently, both Google and Huawei have not released further statements.

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