Huelva Chamber of Commerce appreciates the location of the Andalusian Innovation Center for the Circular Economy

satisfaction of setting in huelva Andalusian Innovation Center circular economy, The creation of a platform with the offer of aero-industrial land, the grant of the unit’s Corporate Medal to HM The King and the approval of the Plus Ultra Award are the most relevant issues of those addressed. Chamber of Commerce Plenary Session de Huelva conducted today.

Board President Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla announced Place In Huelva of the Andalusian Innovation Center circular economy It has been appreciated by the Chamber of Commerce as it responds to a request made by its plenary session in December of last year.

It is believed from the Chamber of Commerce that this fact will assume an important support for the economic sector of our province, taking into account the objectives that Huelva will take into account of the circular economy.

an initiative that also supports investment effort that the business sector, especially the industrial sector, is doing in our province with interesting projects that emphasize the circular economy in these times.

aeroindustrial floor platform

The attractiveness that the development of the CEUS project could have, as well as the planned investment in the port of Huelva, has prompted the Chamber of Commerce to create a list of aero-industrial lands, where all proposals around the municipalities of Aljarca are collected. Are. , , San Juan del Puerto, Palos and Moguer, initially, in which you can consult the incentives and possibilities that the town halls of those municipalities can attract future investors to locate in our province. At present, this initiative is in the development stage and may be operational in a short time.

King, Corporate Medal

Similarly, since the plenary session, HM El Rey Don Felipe has been awarded the Medal of Honor of the institution, in addition to the launch of the Plus Ultra Award, the latter in collaboration with the company Cepsa, with which particular events are identified. Is. The company of Huelva is responsible for the economic and social activities of the province, as well as its international projection and corporate responsibility, among other factors.

Both the awards will be given during a business event, which had its first edition last year. We are talking about the ‘Economy Night’, which is also sponsored by the above company, and for which invitations have been sent to the Royal House for the King to attend.

Finally, it should be noted that the members of the Plenary of the Chamber of Commerce were informed about the latest developments in ‘La Nowo’, a digital coworking space promoted by the Chamber entity with the support of the Huelva City Council. A space that aims to be a venue for supporting, mobilizing and proposing innovative solutions so that key business sectors can learn about them and implement them in their companies and business models.

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