Huelva Swimming Club, champions for the fourth year in a row of the PreBenjamin, Benjamin and Alevín Provincial Circuit

Huelva Swimming Club lifted the trophy after their great success.  / Photo: @CNHUELVA.
Huelva Swimming Club lifted the trophy after their great success. / Photo: @CNHUELVA.

sd He cn huelva has been announced champion for the fourth year in a row Did PreBenjamin, Benjamin and Alevin Provincial Swimming CircuitHeld on Saturday in the event pool Municipal Sports Center Andres Estrada.

Huelva Club Swimmers have proved their superiority reached inconsistent figures in the competition and no 6,000 points, Dleaving behind to another classified with a 2,000 plus profit.

This historic achievement was massive Celebrated by passionate followers of the Huelva Swimming Club, who filled the stands and provided unconditional support to the swimmers throughout the competition. The attendance of large numbers of fans and the oozing enthusiasm was a decisive factor in the team’s success and created a lively and stimulating atmosphere.

by huelva
by huelva

He coaching staffformed by Jose Manuel Rodriguez, Juan Pedro Vazquez, Federico Cortegiano and Lola Ruizhave also played an important role In this victory Their experience, dedication and leadership are essential to the development and exceptional performance of the swimmers at Huelva Swimming Club.

He José María Rodríguez, President of the CNHHe also wanted to highlight the fundamental role of the fans and their contribution to the team’s success. “The continued support of the fans has been a source of inspiration for the swimmers And it has strengthened the community and the sense of belonging in the club”, he assured.

On the other hand, it should be noted that Four children’s swimmers from CNH they’ve got new minimum marking to participate in Summer Regional in Malaga from 30 June to 2 July.

were swimmers leo ovalhoswho have excelled in the 50, 100 and 200m butterfly as well as the 200m; pablo jorva100 in butterfly; Lucia Correain the 200 and 400 freestyles; And Emmanuel Carranzain 50 and 100 butterfly.

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