Hugh Jackman, David Beckham… These stars addicted to their dog

They are like us. The stars also fall for furry balls on all fours. They are indeed many to have dogs – and to be completely gaga. –

From Hugh Jackman to David Beckham via Diane Leyre… Anthology of celebrities and their dog(s).

David Beckham, the shock trio

David Beckham has three Cockers: Fig, Oli and Sage. Dogs he trained (almost) to perfection. He can actually feed them by mouth, the proof in video.

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Diane Leyre, the love of her life

In January 2023, Diane Leyre, Miss France 2022, adopted a dog. “I want to cry so much I already love him with love”, she confided on Instagram, where she asked her subscribers for help to choose a name for her.

She finally settled on Mavy. “My dog, my son, my lover… Mavy’s love. »

Hugh Jackman, the canine family

In 2022, Hugh Jackman had to overcome the death of his French Bulldog, Dali Jackman. “I always called her the ROCKSTAR. Because he was one, ”he confided on Instagram, with emotion.

To console him, he was able to count on Allegra, his Terrier Poodle Mix.

Paris Hilton, the prince of the princess

Already mistress of several dogs (and several cats), Paris Hilton welcomed a very small dog in the name of the most significant: Prince Tokyo Gizmo Hilton.

Selena Gomez, the emotional supports

Selena Gomez has two dogs, Daisy and Winnie. His “happy place” is at home with them. And her favorite thing is cuddling them on the sofa.

Charlize Theron, the goat and the dogs

“A little known fact about me: as a child I grew up on a farm in South Africa, my only friends were animals. I’m not kidding, my best friend was a goat, Bok,” Charlize Theron shared.

“When I moved to the United States, it became clear that I couldn’t have a goat in my apartment in New York… But there were dogs everywhere I looked, and I was never without one. dog since. »

Ryan Reynolds, the star dog

Ryan Reynolds is the proud owner of a Golden Doodle named Boots, who accompanies him on photoshoots… and steals the show.

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