HUGO x Bella Poarch

Linking style and sound, the global brand’s new campaign is an expressive, playful treat starring Bella Poarch.

This Fall/Winter, the younger of the two Hugo Boss brands is back with a refreshed offering of their #HUGOYourWay messaging from 2022. Focused on the intersection between fashion and music, the campaign highlights innovative artists with performances and activations that exemplify the power of connection and self-expression. At the front of the campaign is none other than the talented Bella Poarch.

As the face of the campaign, Poarch embodies the spirit of HUGO and their mission to build community surrounding fashion and music. With a key interest in championing inspiring individuals and exploring how storytelling, movement, sound, and design can come together for something magical, HUGO has tapped global talents Chase Hudson, Chiara Hovland, Ashley Moore, Lola Clark, and William Ernult to join Poarch. Individuality, youthful rebellion, deep connection, and empowerment run through each piece of the collection — from its textures to its silhouettes and colourways. Statement detailing, such as red and black tie-dye denim, metallic trims, and bold graphics, complement staple items for a comprehensive, dynamic explosion of excitement. The new campaign is set to “Body Wan Shake” by Freq Motif x Magugu and photographed by Stuart Winecoff under the artistic direction of Trey Laird and the Team Laird agency.

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