Hulu fan review “Candy”: Jessica Biel and series Melanie Lynskey get mixed answers

Hulu’s drama “Candy” had mixed responses from audiences two days after its five-day, five-episode run. The thriller starring Jessica Biel and Melani Lynskey follows the true crime story of Candy Montgomery, which attracted attention after investigations revealed that Gore would be hit 41 times with the ax. During the trial, Montgomery admitted hitting her friend multiple times with the ax, so she left the crime scene and hid the evidence.

The second episode sees the beginning of Candy’s relationship with Betty Gore’s husband Allan (Pablo Schreiber), while also providing a comprehensive look at both characters’ families. Safe to say, they were neither the happiest nor the greatest. That said, parts of Twitter still praised the show for the crisp writing and stellar performance of the cast, while some felt the show didn’t really need the miniseries treatment.


Hulu’s “Candy” Episode 2: Did Betty Gore suffer from anxiety and loneliness problems before her death?

“Hulu” Candy Episode 2: How did Candy’s relationship with Betty Gore’s husband Allan begin?

“#CandyOnHulu oh boy, Candy is hot and not in a good way. Number 1 is watchable and fun as hell. Also very good retro interior – and design – including the old Target. Don’t listen to the critics, ”he tweeted to a fan. “Can we take a moment to acknowledge that Jessica Biel is fantastic, even with that terrible wig… and her going down the stairs / washing her clothes? #CandyOnHulu goals, ”said another. “@JessicaBiel is great like Candy, @melanielynskey is great like Betty, @schreiber_pablo is great like Allan and @timothycsimons is great like Pat @candyonhulu is the best show ever #CandyOnHulu” an enthusiastic tweet.

“Just when I was obsessed with Amanda Seyfried and Renee Zellweger winning all the awards… now I have to cheer on Jessica Biel #CandyOnHulu,” said one of the fans. “#CandyOnHulu is so good so far… a new episode every day is a drug… for #truecrime freaks like me,” reads a comment.

On the other hand, some have not found the show so fascinating. “Midway through #CandyOnHulu ep2. I continue to be disappointed. Disappointing but oh well. Maybe I’m not the target audience, ”said one of the fans. “#CandyOnHulu I don’t know if this story needed a miniseries treatment. Barbara Hershey gave one of the greatest TV movie performances ever in her first short story, “A Killing In A Small Town” from the 1990s. I can’t imagine anyone getting over it, ”wrote another fan.

What do you think of “Candy”?

Episode 3 of “Candy” will arrive on Hulu on Wednesday, May 11 at 9:00 pm PT.

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