Humor and music at Republic Corner

The Republic Corner bar and foodcourt in Poitiers is expanding and now houses a concert hall and shows. Headliners are already scheduled in the 700-seat hall.

A time hoped for with a gauge of 1,500 people, the concert hall and shows created by the Republic Corner will initially open with a gauge of 700 seats. Regardless, this new place is likely to be a sacred cultural asset for Poitiers.

From September, the Espace Republic Corner will welcome the people of Poitevin during multiple evenings of concerts, parties and comedy shows. With, as a bonus, national and international headliners.

An eclectic program

For this, the managers of this commercial place have surrounded themselves with three high-flying programmers. Their common point: a solid network in their respective fields. Théophane de Roeck takes care of the music. This former member of Plan B, also a member of the group Franchment ta gueule, is behind the arrival of MC Solaar. A first announcement that will appeal to others.

“We are quite free in our programming. So each style has to have its time in the room”, underlines Théophane de Roeck. The programmer lists a few names presented in the fall: Les Hurlements d’Léo, Vanupié, Nèg’ Marrons or Lisa Leblanc. The arrival of the Canadian artist therefore opens the door to foreign artists. Theophane de Roeck: “Yes, we will bring in foreign artists! But we are also committed to providing a local artist for each opening act. There will also be concerts at low prices with emerging artists. »

Comedy club and one-man-show

The room will also host a comedy scene. This will be programmed by Paul Porcheron-Catala, manager of the duo Odah & Dako, and therefore programmer of the “RC”.

His first mission was to create a comedy club. It will welcome experienced professionals and emerging artists, if possible from the region. What to spend ideal evenings with five shows in one. One-man shows will also take the stage. The names of Mathieu Madénian, Kheiron or Thomas Angélvy have already been announced. An enticing start to which Paul Porcheron-Catala is delighted: “Artists make a bet to come here. You have to sell the RC, without it having yet proven itself. »

Premiere September 7

For this, the Poitevins ensure a remuneration worthy of the name for the artists, whether in music or humor. “For the comedy club, it will be a fixed remuneration, and not the hat”, explains Paul Porcheron-Catala. This may explain pricing considered high by some. “And then, bringing in recognized artists, at a cost”adds Théophane de Roeck.

The programmers thus give an appointment to the Poitevins on September 7 for the inauguration of the place. Free concerts will be offered to discover this room where the portraits of stars such as Jamel Debbouze and Lady Gaga are tagged on a wall.

The place of technology

Espace Republic Corner does not wish to exclude any musical style. So much so that a programmer devotes himself to electronic music. Tom Vaille, known under the pseudonym Larsen, is a DJ trained at the UCPA. He is in charge of programming the festive and themed evenings of the place: 1980s, hip-hop, French music… The DJ will also give pride of place to hard electro. Every month parties will promote techno music and hard style. This may make noise, but Tom Vaille reassures: “We have no neighbours! »

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