Hundreds of offers for abandoned cars. ZDMK is satisfied – News

270 bids for 41 out of 44 exhibited cars were submitted to the Road Administration of the City of Krakow during the auction for abandoned vehicles. The most expensive was Mercedes, for which the buyer is ready to pay over PLN 30,000. zlotys.

The starting prices of individual cars usually started in the range of PLN 1,200-1,500. The more expensive ones were valued at PLN 2-3,000 and more. The exception was the aforementioned Mercedes – here the starting price was set at 17.8 thousand. zlotys. 19 merchants fought for him. Ultimately, the highest offer is at 30.6 thousand. zlotys. 8.6K PLN is the largest offer for a Mercedes Sprinter. Over 7,000 another buyer is ready to spend on a Ford Mondeo, and 6.5 thousand. PLN on Audi Coupe.

In this auction, the least worthy vehicles were selected into packages. If the buyers meet their offers, ZDMK will earn only over 27.5 thousand on them. zlotys.

Will auctions be more frequent?

The Krakow City Road Authority is satisfied with the course of the auction for a simple reason. – We managed to sell almost all cars – says Michał Pyclik, spokesman for ZDMK.

Now it remains to wait for the funds to be credited to the account. – We assume that 99% of buyers will pay what they declared, and if not, we have the next ones in the queue, because there were a lot of offers, says Pyclik.

The office is also thinking about carrying out such auctions more often, maybe even once a quarter, so that cars do not stay in the parking lot. However, the use of e-mail for this is a question mark, here the management would prefer to focus on traditional letters with offers.

Michał Pyclik is also not worried about those cars that could not be sold. Last year, ZDMK received 200-300 zlotys for the scrapping of the vehicle, now the price is up to a thousand zlotys. This means that even on wrecks, the city can earn some money. Especially since the tow trucks do not stand idle. – New cars arrive on a regular basis – says the representative of ZDMK.

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