Hungarian Minister of Justice Judit Varga on the European Union and the parliamentary elections in Hungary

Justice Minister Judit Varga announced that the campaign for the Hungarian parliamentary elections had started in Brussels. “Only now is the struggle for Hungarian sovereignty really starting,” she said. She was also asked about the proceedings instituted against Hungary for violating the fundamental rights of LGBTIQ persons, as well as about the situation of migrants.

Judit Varga, in an interview for the “Magyar Hirlap” daily, stated that “the fight for Hungarian sovereignty is only now really beginning”, but stated that in this situation the Hungarians must – standing shoulder to shoulder – face the conflicts, because “with persistent and consistent we can also change Europe with politics. “


“The tectonic plates of European politics are moving,” assessed the Hungarian minister. She recalled that in spring, in addition to the parliamentary elections in Hungary, there will also be presidential elections in France, in addition during the French presidency of the Council of the European Union, and that it will be possible to learn more about the policy of the new German government.

According to Varga, we need to prepare for an aggressive campaign in which EU institutions are already participating. “The elections are approaching, so let’s be under no illusions: Brussels will put more and more pressure on the government (of Hungary). In other words: the Hungarian election campaign has already started in Brussels,” she announced.

Referring to reports on the state of the rule of law in EU countries, the minister argued that the Hungarian government did everything to ensure that the report on this country meets at least the minimum requirements of objectivity, including providing the European Commission with detailed analyzes, which, in her opinion, were “omitted”, and the opinions of non-governmental organizations which criticize Hungary the most loudly were taken into account.

Orban: The European Union has never been under such migratory pressure

Orban: The European Union has never been under such migratory pressure (statement, November 2021)TVN24

Varga also referred to the dispute over migration. “When we throw the idea of ​​(relocation) quotas through the door, we can be sure that in some form it will return through the window,” she said. Hungary continued to oppose the quotas, she said, and would make every effort to thwart efforts to introduce them. “It would be good if Brussels had brought the financing of border fences to the fore instead,” she said.

“Hungary has the right to defend its borders against immigration”

When asked about the Hungarian Constitutional Court’s judgment in December that the government has the right to apply its own measures on issues where the European Union has not yet taken decisions on the joint implementation of EU rules, Varga assessed that with this judgment the Court “erected a strong legal fence alongside the border fence”.

“This decision confirmed the government’s policy to date, according to which Hungary has the right to defend its borders against immigration and only Hungarians can decide who to live with,” she said. She added that Brussels should finally recognize that the rules adopted in peacetime are not able to stop immigration, and even encourage it.

“Brussels immigration regulations must therefore be changed! At the same time, the proceedings before the Hungarian Constitutional Court did not include examining the superiority of EU law and analyzing the judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union,” noted the minister.

Judit VargaKovács Tamás / EPA / PAP

In November, the CJEU ruled that the automatic rejection of the asylum application of a migrant who had come from a safe country was against European Union law, and that Hungary violated EU law by “penalizing organizational activities aimed at enabling the initiation of proceedings for granting international protection to persons which do not meet the criteria laid down by national law for granting such protection. “

“Contrary to the hysteria fueled by the left-liberals”

The minister was also asked about the June law, on which the European Commission initiated infringement proceedings against Hungary “in connection with the violation of the fundamental rights of LGBTIQ persons”. The act prohibits, inter alia, making pornographic content available to persons under the age of 18, as well as those promoting gender change recorded at the time of birth, as well as homosexuality.

The Hungarian government got approval for a referendum on LGBT rights

Varga argued that the act stipulates that no one, except for parents, has the right to interfere in how a child is brought up. “Contrary to the hysteria fueled by left-liberal politicians, the new law does not introduce any censorship and does not forbid movies or books” – she noted.

Main photo source: Kovács Tamás / EPA / PAP

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