Hunger Games: the legacy of the famine in the time of the influencer

We all know the Hunger Games, right? That film, released in 2012, with Jennifer Lawrence youngalready known as Mystica the new X-menbut they still not had given us that character that we have been able to indicate how your and unique. Good, because we’re going to talk about some problems about this work. Having interpreted Katniss Everdeenfor 3 years, has enabled her to unveil many of its potential and to grow as an actress and, above all, as an icon. But then, if the film of the Hunger Games have been so important to launch the career of this star, because talking about it hurt? Mind you, this section does not criticheremo negatively the whole saga, without explaining the reasons and, above all, this is not a review. We will not speak even of all the differences that are there between the novels and films (otherwise I would end up tomorrow, especially on “The Girl of Fire” and the choice to cancel the chapter 11). We’ll just have a nice chat about how these films have given way to those areas of the film to teenagers, all with the same mold of a dystopian and sci-fi, that now are more space on the platforms at Netflix compared to the big screen. We all agree on? Well let’s start.

The Hunger Games was the first book that I bought with my own money and I read all in one breath, without anyone at school I had obliged to do so. After seeing it at the cinema I fell in love with and thus began my passion for the genre and especially for writing. I am, primarily, a fan and a passionate sagafor this I am here to tell you mine about what went wrong during the transfer, and where the author herself, has perhaps exaggerated. For the uninitiated, The Hunger Games (translated badly in “The Games of Hunger”, a title never used in Italian, for luck) is a trilogy of novels for young adult, created by Suzanne Collins in 2008. Already noted from the first novel that we will not have been able to come across that book, but that would come from others. After its conclusion, with Mockingjay in 2010, we breathed a sigh of relief, I hope. Oh, right, you know that it will be released a spin-off called The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes? No? You have time until may 19 to decide whether to read it or not.

“And that luck will always be by your side.”

In short, you certainly can not say that all films on Katniss they have been exceptional (lucky at the box office yes). We started with this young girl, good with the bow, who lived in poverty in her sad and desolate District 12, the last in the row and the more moderate of the others. 74 years prior to the events, a rebellion had brought the region of Panem, almost to the point of self-destruction, then coming to an agreement. We say that the more that an agreement that spoke of a real threat in respect of all the Districts, and, to silence them and stop looking for a second revolution, the President of the Capitol City had been illuminated: why not create games where 24 kids kill each other until not only is there one? I have to admit that, to entice my parents to go see this movie in 2012, it explained just like that. And, we can confirm in unison, that this was the idea that all of us were made of the Hunger Games? It was a title that spoke of survival, hope, despair and love. But because the saga has been transformed from a battle royal, in a Civil War?

Katniss, the first influencer of the year 2015? She also had a sort of green screen and then…

The crease that was taking the Hunger Games could be seen already from the first novel, but not tangeva too the young minds that were affected by the brutality transcribed in these pages and, above all, from the plot romantic is not so banal as the other. We had already had our Beautiful that was in having to choose between the vampirello and the chihuahua is a werewolf (a reference to the parody, I’m not insulting Twilight or New Moon), but here Katniss could not choose. Here he could only do what the public expected from her: a love story damn touchingopened only to get the most sponsors possible in order not to die of hunger and thirst during the games. In fact, from the first film, one of the main themes was the communication and the fiction. The games themselves were a reality show as our The Mole or The Big Brotheronly the most raw and sick. It was a good way to create a compelling story and, at the same time, give life to a critique of our society. Where was the problem? Let’s start with a recap, the two bases that make up The Hunger Games: the violence and the fiction. Balancing them, you get to have a show for the eyes as it was the first film. Throw off this property you have all the others. In fact, if you notice well, the real problem behind the First Part of “The Song of the Revolt” it was just that: nothing happened and it was too much. Katniss it had become a influencer in that was a video on Youtube of the Districts for them to fight against Capitol City. Fantastic then the scene where she tries to recite and all sbuffano and move the head in sign of dissent, just as if they were not just talking about that sequence, but it reduced the whole situation.

“If we burn, you burn with us!”

And that is exactly what happened to the Hunger Games and us, the fans: we burned. We have demanded too much and we ended up with a handful of flies. But what does it mean, then, the title given to this article? What I remember of the film and novels: you speak of hunger and death, but with the influencers of the way. The real problem, therefore, is this identity a dancer that breaks the harmony in the trilogy. Katniss it is the icon that many girls admired him at the time, and that he had allowed other titles to emerge, as Divergent, The Giver, The Maze Runner or even The Fifth Wave (this is a bit more innovative than others). Everyone had always the same pattern, which at the time was working, but now can not go out. In fact, at the cinema, it is difficult to find similar ones now, while on Netflix, and the company, you will be almost submerged. Then the legacy of the Hunger Games is not deadhas really led to innovations on this genre. His successors have only moved on other fronts, finding your audience and, most importantly, more episodes to tell their stories.

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