Hunter Biden accepts congressional subpoena to testify internationally behind closed doors

Hunter Biden will make an appointment at the Capitol on February 28.US President Joe Biden’s son finally agreed to testify behind closed doors after new requests from a House committee that has launched an investigation to try to find evidence of political prosecution (Impeach) Presidential. By agreeing to testify, Hunter Biden avoided a contempt complaint.

So far, the president’s son has volunteered to attend public meetings. He argued that he feared Republicans would manipulate and distort his statement if the public could not witness it. He took advantage of the fact that James Comer, the committee’s Republican chairman, publicly said Hunter Biden had a choice between testifying behind closed doors or appearing publicly.

When push comes to shove, Republicans don’t want meetings to be public, and Hunter Biden has refused to testify behind closed doors. He has another ace up his sleeve: The subpoena was issued as part of an investigation and has not yet been approved by the full House, so some doubt it will be binding.

Nonetheless, the committee decided to report Hunter Biden for contempt of court. The president’s son made a surprise appearance at the Capitol during a debate on his refusal to appear during the Jan. 10 session, where Democrats offered him to testify, but Republicans again declined. The full chamber must now rule on whether Hunter Biden is in contempt of court and, if applicable, file a complaint with the Justice Department. But before blood spills, Hunter Biden is willing to accept new subpoenas now that the investigation has the support of the full chamber.

According to reports, Rep. James Comer, chairman of the Oversight Committee, told reporters: “The president’s son is a key witness in this investigation, and he will be able to sit down now and answer questions in a substantive and orderly manner.” Associated Press. He added that Hunter Biden will be able to testify publicly at some point after making his statement.

Republicans are trying, so far without success, to find evidence that Joe Biden profited from his son’s overseas business dealings while he was vice president. Oddly, while they investigate in an almost interrogatory manner whether dollars from foreign governments ended up in Joe Biden’s hands, they naturally argue that Donald Trump’s companies received money from foreign governments and public companies during his presidency. Millions of dollars were obtained.

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Last November, the day Hunter Biden was first subpoenaed, he delivered a speech at the door of the Capitol: “For six years, MAGA Republicans[an acronym for Donald Trump’s motto] make america great again), including members of House committees currently meeting behind closed doors, who have questioned my character, invaded my privacy, and attacked my wife, my children, my family, and my friends. They laughed at my struggles with addiction. They belittled my recovery and tried to dehumanize me, all in an effort to humiliate and hurt my father, who dedicated his life to public service. For six years, I’ve been the target of Trump’s relentless attack machine, screaming, ‘Where’s Hunter?’ Well, that’s my answer: I’m here,” he said at the time.

“Let me say this as clearly as possible. My father is not financially involved in my businesses, neither as a practicing lawyer nor as a board member of Burisma (a Ukrainian energy company), nor in my relationships with private Chinese businessmen. relationships and had no involvement in my investments in the company, at home or abroad, let alone as an artist,” he continued, highlighting the support of his family: “Throughout my battle with addiction, I My parents have always been there for me. They literally saved my life. “They helped me in a way that I could never repay, and certainly they wouldn’t expect me to. “

Meanwhile, Hunter Biden was charged with 12 crimes in two indictments. Three of those were in Wilmington (Del.) for purchasing and possessing firearms while on drugs. Nine more people were arrested in Los Angeles (California) on suspicion of tax fraud. The president’s son’s drug addiction has made him a preferred target for Republicans for years.

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