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Republicans are preparing to engage in one of their favorite sports this Wednesday: attacking the President of the United States through his son Hunter Biden. What they didn’t expect was that Hunter himself would appear before a House committee that was debating charging him with contempt of court. His coup de grace showed that he could appear in public and give the explanations needed, but not behind closed doors “in the basement,” where his rhetoric could be manipulated, as a Democratic spokesman put it.

Hunter Biden’s surprise appearance grabbed all the spotlight and confused Republicans. They wanted to paint him as someone who refused to attend the summons and went into hiding, but it turned out he wasn’t hiding: he was there. Democrats braced themselves for that, pushing back against Republican attempts to accuse him of being in contempt of court, saying even they would have voted in favor if numerous Republican officials and lawmakers had ignored similar subpoenas from committees investigating the attacks. House of Parliament.

In addition, Democratic spokesman Jared Moskowitz recalled that committee chairman James Comer invited Biden to participate in his election, either publicly or behind closed doors. As Cuomo, visibly nervous, tried to deny that he had said the words, Democrats pulled out a large poster that quoted him saying something he had said on Oct. 31 last year, either in court or in closed-door testimony.

“I’ve heard (…) about witnesses being afraid of appearing before the committee. It’s really interesting. Here. He didn’t look very scared,” Moskowitz said. Democrats offered to have Hunter Biden appear in court at that time and answer all questions publicly, but Republicans declined. There was confusion in the committee. Through their tactics, Democrats undermined the Republican campaign for Biden’s son. The president’s son was in the room for less than half an hour. He stood up as Trump loyalist Marjorie Taylor Greene prepared to intervene, with Greene saying he was a “coward” for not staying and watching her insult him. respond. Hunter’s departure stole Tyler Green’s thunder.

His communication success did not prevent Hunter Biden from being charged with contempt of court. If the Republican-majority committee approves the resolution against him as expected, it will go to the full House for consideration. If the House votes to find Hunter Biden in contempt of court, it will be up to the Justice Department to decide whether to prosecute him.

“It’s clear that Republicans are not interested in getting the facts or they would allow Hunter to testify publicly,” Hunter Biden’s attorney Abe Lowell said in a statement Friday. “Instead, House Republicans continue to play politics by pursuing an unprecedented contempt motion against someone who has volunteered to answer all appropriate questions since the first request.”

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Hunter Biden was summoned to testify behind closed doors before Congress on December 13. He showed up at the door of the Capitol and said he wouldn’t do it. Furthermore, at the time of his subpoena, the committee investigating possible political proceedings (impeachment) against the president had not even been approved by the full House of Representatives, so the obligation to comply with its demands was less clear.

The president’s son said in December that he refused to appear behind closed doors to avoid “distortion, tampering of evidence and lies” in a House committee’s “illegal investigation.” “There is no justice or decency in what these Republicans are doing. “They have lied over and over again about every aspect of my personal and professional life, to the point where their lies have become false truths that too many people believe. ” he said that day.

Hunter Biden was indicted on three counts in Delaware for illegally purchasing and possessing firearms while high on drugs and nine counts of tax fraud in California, after he was willing to plead guilty The agreement is broken. It won’t lead to him going to jail.

“For six years, MAGA Republicans (an acronym for Donald Trump’s motto, make america great again), they questioned my character, invaded my privacy, and attacked my wife, my children, my family, and my friends. They laughed at my struggles with addiction. They belittled my recovery and tried to dehumanize me, all in an effort to humiliate and hurt my father, who dedicated his life to public service. For six years, I’ve been the target of Trump’s relentless attack machine, screaming “Where’s Hunter?” Well, that’s my answer: I’m here,” he said at the time. Today, while not speaking, But the message is the same: This is it.

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