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A defenseless young girl, a redeemed killer and an unscrupulous boss bent on taking them both out. They are the three main characters around which she revolves Hunter’s prayer (2017), the action-thriller starring Sam Worthington Tonight on TV (July 8) in primetime of Italy 1. Let’s find out all the details of plot and cast of the TV movie taken from For the dogsthe third novel by Belgian writer Kevin Wignall.

Hunter's prayer - On the run (June 7) tonight on TV and live streaming

Hunter’s prayer – On the run, on TV tonight (July 8) and live streaming

The plot of Hunter’s prayer – On the run

The loner Lucas it’s a professional assassin hired to kill a young girl, the 16 year old She Hatto. The task was entrusted to him by the crime boss Richard Addison, determined to eliminate the girl after killing her father, a former business partner who had betrayed his trust. When he comes face to face with Ella, however, Lucas fails to pull the trigger for an unexpected crisis of conscience: the girl looks like her daughter that she has never been able to know. Both then becoming targets of the ruthless Addison and are found hunted down by his nonstop goons across Europe. For to survive will have only one chance: they will have to unmask those responsible for the brutal murder of Ella’s family and hand them over to the justice.

The cast – The star is Sam Worthington

Professional hitman Stephen Lucas is played by Sam Worthingtonthe Australian actor who became famous all over the world for his lead role in the blockbuster Avatars, the film that for ten years held the title of the highest grossing film in the history of cinema. The co-star of Hunter’s Prayer as the young Ella Hatto is the Israeli actress Odeya Rush (Lady Bird), while the film’s villain Richard Addison is Allen Leechfamous for his role as Tom Branson in the British TV series Downton Abbey (repeated cyclically on A7). In the cast of the film also appear Amy Landecker, Martin Compston, Veronica Echegui. The director is Jonathan Mostow.

Sam Worthington plays the killer Lucas

Sam Worthington plays the killer Lucas

Hunter’s prayer tonight (July 8): where to see the movie today on TV and live streaming

After saying of plot and cast of Hunter’s prayer – On the runlet’s now discover the television coordinates to keep in mind to choose it among the TV Shows Tonight (July 8). The film will be broadcast on Italy 1 starting at 21.20 (duration: 91 minutes); you can also follow him in live stream from PC, tablet or smartphone by visiting the official portal Mediaset Infinity.

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