Husband caught in bed with 17-year-old babysitter kills wife and won’t go to jail

There wife she surprises him in bed with her babysitter and he kills her but could avoid jail. Alexander Clack40, beaten and strangled Nixiann Downes-Clack when the woman surprised him in their bed with the 17-year-old babysitter. The two lovers then put the body in a suitcase and buried it all in a deep hole on the Caribbean island of Grenada.

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The accident

The man was discovered and arrested, and now he could avoid jail. Initially Clarck risked having to serve a sentence of 67 years in prison, but now he is free, after the loss of a PC in court has made it impossible to proceed with the trial.

In practice, the killer could get away with a loss in court that would prevent the victim’s family from being justice.

The news shocked the victim’s family, Nixiann’s aunt Kim Szmyglewska explained to the local press that she was horrified: “How could they release someone with such fragile technicality when he is guilty of such a crime and is clearly a danger to the women”. Apparently the victim’s ex-husband has signed up for a dating app where he could harm again.

Clack’s release was ordered on September 20 when a court downgraded his conviction to manslaughter and ruled that he had served enough time in prison after being imprisoned in 2016. Clark’s former friend was also shocked by the sentence. he explained how even before the crime he had been denounced for domestic violence.

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