Hydrangea, you can multiply it even in autumn: a cutting is enough

Do you want to multiply a hydrangea but autumn scares you? To do this, you just need a cutting. Let’s see how to proceed.

Hydrangea cuttings care
Hydrangea cutting – Photo from Pexels


If you are looking for beautiful flowers to give a touch of color to your balcony or garden, you cannot ignore the hydrangeas.

Hydrangeas are flowering plants belonging to the family of Hydrangeaceae and come from some areas of China. What characterizes them are their bouquet-shaped flowers and dal changing heatwhich can vary from blue to red depending on the soil in which they are planted.

Hydrangea is very easy to grow at home, but what is even more extraordinary is being able to have hydrangeas completely free. There is indeed a method for multiply them without spending a euro, or the multiplication by cuttings.

Multiplying hydrangea by cutting: how to proceed

hydrangea making cuttings
Make a cutting with shears – Photo from Pexels

There are many methods to reproduce plants, but not all of them are suitable for every type of plant. In this specific case, the most effective method with hydrangea is the multiplication by cuttings.

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The term cutting indicates the part of a plant, from which a new plant will be born as if by magic. This is a very effective, but above all quick multiplication method.

By making a hydrangea cutting, in fact, you will not have to wait for the times of a normal sowing to be able to see a new beautiful and grown plant. So let’s see how to proceed step by step.

First, we recommend that you take a hydrangea cutting during the spring, so that it can be planted already in autumn. Find a healthy hydrangea and with the help of a previously sterilized shears, make a cut diagonal to approx 5 cm from the leaf node. In total, our cutting should be about 12 cm long.

Remove all the leaves from the freshly cut branch and apply to the base of the stem of the rooting hormone powder. This particular powder will allow the plant to develop roots much more easily.

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Within a few weeks you should already see the first ones appearing roots, and once long enough we can proceed with the transfer of our cutting. Choose a jar with a diameter of about 15 cm and use a soil suitable for hydrangeas. Within a month, your cutting will have transformed into a real and already large hydrangea.

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