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“FT” journalists referring to anonymous sources claim that even today Americans wonder what the Chinese actually tested and how they managed to master such advanced technologies in such a short time.

– Scientists working for the Pentagon were surprised by the Chinese progress. Especially that the hypersonic glider used for the test managed to launch a separate missile while flying in the atmosphere over the South China Sea – it was written in FT.

Test track in the US in preparation for the development of hypersonic weapons

Great speed, long flight and a surprise at the end

The described test was to take place in July. We have already written about him in detail before. A month ago, for the first time, information about him was also published by “FT”. To this day, it is not certain what the July test actually was. The Chinese say it is an attempt at technology for the development of a NASA-like civil shuttle spacecraft, or the smaller US military’s X-37B unmanned aerial vehicle. Taking off into space vertically with a rocket, but coming back to earth like an airplane.

According to “FT” informants, it was supposed to be a test of a hypersonic glider for military purposes. Including, perhaps, for carrying nuclear warheads. A hypersonic glider (HGV), a vehicle similar to, for example, a space shuttle, but designed to be capable not of a controlled burst into the atmosphere and landing, but a long flight in its upper layers, maneuvers to avoid missile defense, and then dive and hitting the atmosphere. objective.

Reports of the Chinese test have raised concerns as to whether this is a weapon described during the Cold War as a “Residual Orbit Bombing System”, or FOBS acronym. That is, a nuclear weapon carrier capable of staying in orbit for a short time, orbiting the Earth and, for example, attacking the USA from the south, not from the north, like all modern classic intercontinental missiles.

Now “FT” additionally claims that in the last phase of its flight something broke off from the Chinese vehicle and flew on by itself. Sometimes it is referred to as a rocket / missile and other times a decoy. For what purpose is not clear. The ability to carry out such an operation in a controlled manner during a hypersonic flight, i.e. in excess of 6,000 km / h, is to be something that made a great impression on the Americans.

Experimental drones WZ-8The Chinese showed their secret weapons

Different views on reality

There is a lot of ambiguity in the FT reports and many analysts are critical of their alarmist and sensational meaning. Especially emphasizing how the Pentagon is shocked and surprised by new Chinese technologies. Hypersonic weapons have become very fashionable in recent years and the threat from them is changed by all cases, especially since Americans, through their own fault, slept through most of the past decade and suspended or significantly slowed down work on such systems.Although a decade ago they were the undisputed leaders in this field, now the Chinese and Russians already have significant achievements themselves.

There are now voices in the US that China has overtaken them in the field of hypersonic weapons and a dangerous capability gap is emerging. – We have a lot to catch up quickly. The Chinese have been running an incredibly aggressive hypersonic weapon development program for several years, said General David Thompson, one of the senior commanders of the US Space Force, last weekend. The most important US military, chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, called the FT test something like the “Sputnik moment”, the shock that the USSR caused in 1957 by unexpectedly launching the first satellite into orbit for Americans.

The US military, however, has its own advanced hypersonic weapons programs. The final straight is to be the LRHW program, which is to result in the delivery of the first HTV missile for the US Army in 2023. At the same time, work is underway on similar missiles for the US aviation and navy. There is no shortage of discussion among analysts to what extent the “shock” and “chasing” of the Chinese are the Pentagon’s play to persuade Congress to allocate more funds for the development of American hypersonic weapons, and to what extent it expresses a real threat.

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