Hyundai wins over GTA 6 fans with a brutal trailer that mimics the video Rockstar released for its next open world – Grand Theft Auto VI

The Modern Rallye team recreated the GTA 6 trailer shot by shot, but this time in their own way, and in a “hilarious” way

Of course, the best way to wait for the release of Grand Theft Auto VI is to watch these trailers that are completely different from the original.There is still a long way to go before the premiere heavy bombbut there are already many Brands and companies who wants to benefit from it marketing wave What does it mean to talk about the next big thing? Rockstar Games Open World. To give an example of what the game has achieved, we recently published a news report about Real Madrid referencing GTA 6 after winning the Spanish Super Cup against Barcelona.

However, today things went a step further and surprised all fans of the Grand Theft Auto saga, as no one expected the final move modern on social networks.It turns out that the team assembly Hyundai Motor Company has released a GTA 6-like trailer on YouTube, simulating what we’ll see in Rockstar Games’ next open world. result, fans are happy Because this result is very good, it shows that the automobile manufacturing company has put in a lot of efforts.

If you look, Hyundai has reinvented one shot after another A trailer released by Rockstar over a month ago.To them, it was a “hilarious trailer,” but more importantly, because the company won GTA 6 fans. Just look at the comments and you can see the enthusiasm of the players. “this might be Best entertainment of any trailer I have seen! ” said one user. “Whoever came up with this idea Worth a raiseexclaimed another viewer.

Other trailers remade like GTA 6

If you’ve been wanting to see a comparison between the modern trailer and the GTA 6 trailer, there are already users doing just that. On the other hand, a few days ago we responded to the great work done by an artist who surprised everyone with the GTA 6 trailer in LEGO form, since it involved taking more than 3000 photos of the characters. Last but not least, some users remember a nightclub in Miami responding to Rockstar with its special GTA 6 trailer.This is E11even nightclub, appearing in trailer They used another name and responded to Big R with their specific video.

This curious Real Madrid reference aside, we’ve had some interesting publications in recent weeks about what people can do for the game. The last one is “”, another miracle of the author’s efforts in the 3086 photos that needed to be taken.On the other hand, we cannot forget that since it appears in trailer By another name, they answered gracefully.

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