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“1789” (English bed: seventeen-eighty-nine). This is the name of the new musical project signed by Gianluca Danaro and Domenico Migliaccio, duo already protagonist in the alternative rock scene as “Sadside Project”. After the first single “EVA-02”, “Loot” was released on June 17th, which opens with a quote from the movie “The Goonies”.

“Art must be lived in full swing – explains Gianluca Danaro a Calciomercato.com

-. We are musicians, but we also have several other interests. For example, I am passionate about literature and cinema. Having been born in the eighties we grew up with American films like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The Goonies and Back to the Future. The latter will be mentioned in our next single in collaboration with Margherita Vicario. The album will come out like this, one track at a time “.

“Our new name is inspired by the French Revolutionwhich began in 1789. My mother is from Paris and my dad from Naples, I was born in 1988 at the time of Maradona and so I could only become a Napoli fan. Then I sympathize with Rome, the team from my city. Instead Domenico’s parents are from Calabria and he is from Juventus. I don’t even want to think about a possible passage of Koulibaly to Juve, when he happened with Higuain we did not speak to each other for six months. Seriously, we are quite sporty fans. ”

Domenico Migliaccio adds: “Koulibaly at Juve would be wonderful for us bianconeri, but a tremendous blow for the Neapolitans.Winning is the only thing that matters‘is a motto that does not reflect me, I am a lover of good football and entertainment. Unfortunately, Allegri thinks differently, with him on the bench it is a pain because the game is not seen and in the last year the results have not even arrived “.

Better to talk about music again. “Being a drummer – Domenico explains – I am dying to see live Travis Barker of Blink 182, then I’d love to hear Radiohead. ”
Gianluca says: “Last week we were lucky enough to attend the Weezer concert before Green Day at the San Siro racecourse, a pity only for the volume not loud enough for my tastes. I will never forget when I was in the front row in Rome for the White Stripes and the sound of the speakers ruffled all my hair. Even more unforgettable when we opened the concert by Verdena at the Atlantic in Rome, sold out for the occasion. Roberta Sammarelli phoned me to tell me the day before, when I got on stage my legs were shaking with emotion, but then I went into a trance and everything went great. Verdena will return to play in Rome on November 29th, in case this time I hope they’ll let us know a little earlier! Otherwise we will go there anyway, in the public. Jokes aside, we are finally ready to play again. The first appointment is on 10 July at Villa Ada in Rome with Giancane and Gli Ultimi, with more continuity then from September and October. We can not wait”.

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