‘I always thought Belle would…’: When Emma Watson revealed very touching plot for her movie Beauty and the Beast

Emma Watson and Dan Stevens starrer Beauty and the Beast crossed over a billion dollars in earnings at the box office. Back in 2017, the actress discussed the possibility of a sequel with Access Hollywood. When told that fans were looking forward to a sequel, she was shocked and revealed that she hadn’t heard of the request before. However, she would personally love a sequel and has cultivated ideas for the same. Although, the filmmakers have not made an official comment about a sequel.

Emma Watson shared her idea for the Beauty and the Beast sequel

When asked if she would be open to the idea of ​​a sequel for the Disney movie, she said, “I would LOVE to do a sequel.” You could sense the excitement in her voice as she continued, “Yes!” The actress also added that she had the perfect idea for a sequel. Watson revealed, “I always thought Belle would become a teacher, and she would run the library in the castle and open it up to the village. This was where I was going!”

Emma Watson spoke about the importance of knowledge for Belle, her character in Beauty and The Beast

In a separate interview with Collider, the Harry Potter actress commented on how she modernized Belle and made the character her own. She shared, “I love that, in our version, Belle is not only awed and doesn’t fit in, you see her reading and she’s actually an activist within her own community. She’s teaching other young girls, who are part of the village, to read. I love moments like that, where you can see her expanding beyond just her own little world and trying to grow. That was amazing to get to do.”

In the same interview, she also addressed how Belle was a character for whom books and education played a pivotal role. She added, “I think that Belle is this ultimate symbol of the fact that books can be rebellious, incredibly empowering, and liberating. You can travel to places in the world that you would never be able to, under other circumstances. I was just really proud to play a character that has a certain earnestness about her.”

Emma Watson has taken a brief hiatus from work after the release of her latest film Little Women.

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