I am waiting for Drwal as for Christmas Eve. Vegetarians will be fine, however

While the brand launched five versions of its flagship sandwich in 2021, none are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. And the number of people who do not eat meat in Poland increases every year. The research conducted in 2020 by the catering company shows that 20.9 percent. of the surveyed residents of the 10 largest Polish cities declare that they are vegetarians. The lack of a meat-free version is a disappointment for many of us who would also like to taste the better side of winter.

Only available for a few winter months, eagerly awaited by all McDonald’s fans. As every year, the Drwala Burger returns to warm the hearts and bellies of lovers of this winter sandwich. What makes us able to stand in a 40-minute queue to bite into a winter burger?

I eat sporadically at McDonald’s. Usually, when I’m going on a longer route and I want to grab a quick snack, and on the day when the Drwala Burger will join the winter offer. It happens every year, and the fact that the sandwich is unavailable for many months makes it the anticipation of everyone. From today, we can enjoy the taste of a winter burger, which is available in five versions. Unfortunately, we will not buy the veg version this year. Despite the fact that the competition is awake and has a wide range of meatless sandwiches on its menu, McDonald’s decided not to introduce vegetable meat or halloumi alternatives in its flagship burger, which are available at Burger King, MaxBurgers and KFC. From the perspective of the growing number of Poles who eagerly reach for vegetable meat substitutes, the brand’s decision is surprising. Especially that in 2019, the Vegetable Drwal was available on the offer. Making a vegetarian version would be simple enough as there is a vegetarian cutlet in the offer of a Polish restaurant (a cutlet made of minced vegetables) – it was enough to add a disc of fried cheese to it.

Annual ritual with the Lumberjack

Drwal’s burger is a sandwich that I start to miss when it’s more winter than autumn outside. This is the perfect time to eat something fatty and delicious, preferably without leaving your home. Of course, a sandwich alone is not enough. What would Drwal’s burger be if it wasn’t accompanied by French fries with cream sauce? Exactly. Together with my friends who, like me, look forward to the day when you can eat the Drwal for the first time in the season, we arrange to eat a burger together at home every year. We fire up our favorite movie or series and sink our teeth into a juicy sandwich. The first bite is the best. This is our annual ritual and we are all waiting just as impatiently.

What’s all the fuss?

Classic Drwala Burger consists of a beef cutlet, a slice of breaded cheesy cheese and crispy bacon. They are accompanied by additions: fresh lettuce, roasted onions and a sauce with spices. The entire burger is encased in a fluffy bun with crispy cheese and bacon sprinkles. We can also choose a version with a crispy chicken cutlet, a version with a double beef cutlet for the biggest hungry people, a classic version with the addition of sweet cranberry sauce, as well as a super spicy version with jalapeno peppers and hot sauce. There is something for everyone except vegetarians that McDonald’s have not thought of this year. Apart from the sandwich itself, the toppings are also important. In the case of Drwal, they are twisted fries with cream sauce, which are the best fries in Mac in my opinion and are a perfect match for this winter sandwich. Last year, they were withdrawn from the restaurant offer in November, so they were not available at the same time as Drwal.

Luckily, the Lumberjack sandwich is only available for a few months. I am writing fortunately, because the classic version of the Drwala Burger is almost 1000 kcal. When it comes to enlarged Coca-Cola and twisted fries with cream sauce, the number of calories increases to 1700. This is almost the entire daily caloric demand of some of us. Burning that amount of calories will take almost 6 hours. if we decide to go briskly.

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