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The episode took place on Monday 19 September at the funeral ceremony of the relative with a past in the Youth Front. The Lombard councilor for security, who recently took over from De Corato, did not shy away from the ritual

The context the funeral of Alberto Stabilini, militant of the Milanese far right with a past in the Youth Front. During the ceremony, which took place at the church in via Copernico on Monday 19 September, some participants bid farewell to the coffin with a Roman salute. Among them, as documented by ilfattoquotidiano.it
also the regional councilor for security Romano La Russa who did not escape the ritual: the group shouts the name of the deceased and the word present! as he raises and extends his arm. La Russa, exponent of Brothers of Italywho has just taken over the Lombard junta in place of Riccardo De Corato who has decided to run for Parliament.

Romano La Russa: A military “present”

In an interview with Courier
Romano La Russa, brother of Ignatius, explained that that gesture (however defined as inappropriate) would not be a Roman greeting but a military “present” towards the deceased brother-in-law. And that his arm was level with his belly, confirming that my role as councilor and my party card are available to Giorgia Meloni. In a open letter to the colleagues of the junta and to the Lombard regional council, Romano La Russa said he was deeply sorry e he apologized if anyone felt incomprehensibly offended. I find it right – underlined the councilor for security – to write to you to clarify my position on the video and the news spread in the last few hours, capable of creating a lot of noise for nothing. It was the funeral of my brother-in-law, my wife Donatella’s twin brother, both met at the age of 16, in the years of youth political militancy. Since then, a lifelong friendship has tied us. Alberto was not an extremist – La Russa specified -, but a simple right-wing exponent. Passionate about politics since the seventies, he was a discreet man, humble and always on the side of the least, as was also remembered by the priest during the religious rite in church. Nobody, least of all he, would have wanted so much publicity and such exploitation at his death.

Fontana: We pray at the funeral

The Lombard governor Attilio Fontana commented on the episode by replying to those who were pressing him about a possible removal of La Russa from his post: So behaviors that are not part of our way of seeing, at funerals we pray and express solidarity to the remaining relatives. I have not yet spoken with the commissioner and I think I can not add anything else. No request was presented to me. To the opposition I say that, after speaking with him, we will discuss and evaluate everything.

Pizzul (Pd): La Russa dissociated

a very serious fact, not worthy of a democratic institution like the Lombardy Region, comments the leader of the Democratic Party in the Regional Council, Fabio Pizzul. Therefore we ask the councilor La Russa to dissociate himself publicly. If this does not happen, we expect President Fontana to censor the gesturewithout forcing us to file a motion in the Council, concludes Pizzul.

Maullu: nothing to do with the fascist salute

The last farewell had been requested in life by the deceased. Romano was Alberto’s brother-in-law and lifelong friend. What is important to underline, and which does not emerge from the video, is La Russa he invited everyone not to make the Roman salute during the present. Instead, it clearly emerges that the movement of his arm has nothing to do with the fascist salute, but on the contrary testifies to his invitation to those present to refrain from greeting. So in a note Stefano Maullu, Milanese coordinator of the Brothers of Italy. Just check – adds Maullu – the movement of his arm, however absent during consecutive calls, which in any case the Supreme Court has sanctioned not to be a crime if carried out in a funeral.

Niccol Carretta (Third Pole): pathetic nostalgia

Not so much a democratic danger issue – says the regional councilor Niccol Carretta – the more the fact that citizens are fed up with the politics of quarrels, slogans and, as in this case, pathetic fascist nostalgia. Addressing those who historically and legitimately voted for the center-right in the past, I say that the bunch of the Right, today, has nothing liberal, moderate and popular.

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