“I believe that trauma lives in the body”

The actress and model opened up about her weight loss during a recent episode of her podcast.

Despite having found – apparently – love with Pete Davidson, the last few months for Emily Ratajkowski they weren’t easy at all. The model and actress recently put an end to her marriage to Sebastian Bear-McClar (after discovering multiple betrayals of him), from which, in March 2021, little Sylvester Apollo was born. Precisely because of her divorce, Ratajkowski found herself experiencing a difficult moment, which caused her an evident weight loss.

Emily Ratajkowski and her recent weight loss

Emily Ratajkowski;  cinematographe.it

During one of the recent episodes of his podcast, titled High Low with EmRata, Emily Ratajkowski has confirmed that she has lost many kilos in recent months, precisely due to her divorce with Sebastian Bear-McClard. “I was down to 45 pounds and it was really, really scary“, he revealed. The model added that in times of greater stress, those in which her mental health is most challenged and she feels under pressure, she tends to lose weight, clearly and worryingly. “I think trauma lives in the body, this has been my experience“. The worst, however, now seems to have passed: “I gained some weight. It’s a huge turning point for me, I know I’m happy“.

For the uninitiated, the podcast High Low with EmRata is produced by Sony Music and was born after the publication of his first book, titled My body, in which Emily Ratajkowski – with a series of essays – spoke in depth about how she experienced the relationship with her body and her image throughout her life. The podcast – a sort of natural evolution of the book – the actress and model usually deals with various topics, including sexuality, social, motherhood and politics.

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