“I buy the game and it won’t start …”

The path of FIFA 23 on PC starts very badly, where – in particular through Steam – the technical problems of the anti-cheat are made to weigh.

After a long wait, FIFA 23 is finally available on all platforms, including PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. PC users can enjoy a ‘next-gen’ version to match PS5 and Xbox Series X | S this year, but there’s also bad news. The players on the platform are in fact struggling a lot to start the game, and everything is attested to the controversial anti-cheat system.

FIFA 23 starts badly on Steam –

On Steam, the leading PC gaming platform (where it is also available through Origin and the Epic Games Store), FIFA 23 has “mostly negative” reviews from the community. This is due to the rain of criticism from fans, who are divided halfway between the fact that it is a title very similar to last year’s, despite being offered at full price, and the anti-cheat system that would be preventing you from start the game. “EA never disappoints us when it comes to letting us down,” reads a comment on Steam. “Are you wasting my money again, son?”, Reads another, which ironically quotes a meme.

Anti-cheat in the viewfinder –

The main problem, as anticipated, is related to the anti-cheat system inaugurated this year with FIFA 23. An error screen warns users that “EA’s anti-cheat service has encountered an error. Please restart the game (57) ”, appearing when the title logo appears. One user even suggests that he had to “hack the bios and change the settings” to get around the problem, evidently in view of an official EA Sports update. Other players complain of poor optimization (“very bad frame rate on a 3080 Ti”) and problems connecting to servers, which had already occurred when early access was released and were calmed within hours.

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