I change the car, because they are all putting a paper cup on top: brilliant

Many of us have seen cars that have a paper cup on the gearbox, this practice is used to fight a certain thing.

Auto change glass resting – Motori.News

There are so many found that motorists put in practiceall of these are gods experimentsthat yes they try to implementhowever some do not work while others Yesand they are ingenious. One of them is to put a plastic cup on exchange of our car, many do not know the I earn where it is. You know that? If you don’t know, rest assured now let’s go and see it together. This practice is taking more and more feetand serves for fight certain temperatures.

This very clever practice to apply on the gearbox

When the temperatures are highthe interior of the car becomes a “oven”, With very harmful consequences, for all machine elements. These elements then are essential for use the mediumso we need them in the better conditions. The car knob if it is hotcomes to very high temperaturesbecoming a lot then it is unpleasant to carry out the change maneuver. Unfortunately, it is instrument heats upeffect also due to the elements that form itand therefore this does not allow us from use in the right way the change of the car.

Change of the car
The gearbox itself not covered, it risks becoming fiery with harmful consequences while we drive – Motori.news

The fail to use the gearbox in the right waybrings with it a unpleasant situations. The risk of causing an accident is not to be excludedsince the our reaction may not be the right one. When one thing hotwe tend many times to raise your handand then raise your hand when we are changingis risky. We could find ourselves in neutraland therefore the car risks planting itselfwhile if we go wrongi risks obviously come downbut they do not please the engine of our car.

This is a solution that costs us very little

There solution as said to try to hold under control the heat of the gear knobis to use the plastic cup. The glass positioned abovetends to accumulate all the heatwhich comes from Sun raysas well as at temperatures than the car reaches in summer. Furthermore, the temperatures in the car are even warmer than outside, as all the windows are closed. Once we get in the car, we just have to take it offand leave, so as to be able to change the marches, in total tranquility.

Change the gear
This solution will allow us to change gear, in total tranquility – Motori.news

There truth is that this found of placing the glass over the gearbox, it didn’t come out of nowhere. They are already there gadget who do this type of workbut the their price is higher, than use a paper cup. Yes, you get to spend on a gadget like that, minimal ten eurowhen we pay for a pack of one hundred paper cups much lower figure. A gimmick then to do, to no longer have it unpleasant problemfrom change the marcheswith the fiery knob.

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