I did it on purpose, don’t be ashamed of the Polish national team

On November 14, Spain defeated Sweden 1-0 in the World Cup qualifiers, but the result of the game took a back seat as after the game the most talked about behavior of Zlatan Ibrahimović, who appeared on the pitch in the 73rd minute. The cameras recorded how the Swede at the end of the game, in the 92nd minute, ruthlessly treated the defender of the rivals, Cesar Azpilicueta, with his elbow. From the television shots it seemed that there was no accident in this case and Ibrahimović deliberately wanted to hurt his rival, as reported by the daily “Marc”.

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“Ibrahimović lost his mind when he saw the chance for the world championship slipping out of his hands. He attacked Azpilicueta from behind during a corner kick,” the newspaper’s indignant journalists wrote. “As a result of the powerlessness, he made an unjustified attack from the back on a defender. He delivered a very strong blow with his left shoulder to the back of a Chelsea player. He then fell to the ground, knowing what he had just done, with the intention of deceiving the referee. The referee did not judge this as a foul, despite the protests of the Spaniards. headed by Busquets, who in the 2009-2010 season played with a Swede for Barcelona “- added in the report of Catalan” Sport “.

“The Milan forward came in in the second half to try to break the 0-0 score he was looking at at La Cartuja, but things did not turn out as he might have expected. Ibrahimović treacherously and cunningly attacked Azpilicueta from behind in an attempt to gain the advantage.” “- the Spanish branch of Eurosport described the whole situation.

This was the situation with Ibrahimović:

The judge did not see this situation, so VAR did not deal with the incident on the part of the Swedish forward at all. In the end, nothing serious happened to the defender of the Spanish national team.

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After the match, Cesar Azpilicueta posted a photo on his profile on social media. You can see that he is smiling on it. He also added a short entry to it. “Everything is fine,” he wrote.

Ibrahimovic’s eloquent words after a brutal foul on the opponent. “It was a stupid thing, but I’d do it again”

Now Ibrahimović referred to the whole situation in an interview with “The Guardian”. – Recently, during a national team match, I attacked Azpilicueta. I did it on purpose. I am not ashamed of that, because earlier he did something stupid to my teammate. He rose above him. It was a stupid thing of me, but I would do it again so that he would understand, “You’re not gonna f *** be like this. You don’t have the guts to do that to me. But I’ll show you what would happen if you he made me. That’s why I acted like that, “the Swedish forward revealed.

Barcelona star robbed during the match.  His family was at homeBarcelona star robbed during the match. His family was at home

Ibrahimović further stressed that Azpilicueta had not talked to him about the situation after the match ended. – What could he answer? He won’t tell me that, just my teammate who won’t do anything because he’s too polite. I haven’t behaved well, but that’s who I am. I am not ashamed to say that. The point here is for him to understand that you can’t make fun of someone, ‘added Ibrahimović.

Spain, after winning, advanced to the World Cup in Qatar, and Sweden went to a two-stage play-off. In the first match, she will be seeded and her potential rival may be the Polish national team.

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