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Adam Lambert once had a female fan who threw a sex toy at him on stage.

The “Comin’ in Hot” singer knows exactly what Lil Nas X recently went through when he was nearly saved by a flying sex toy during his concert.

The 24-year-old rapper was performing at the Scandinavian edition of Lollapalooza festival in Stockholm, Sweden last weekend when someone threw a rubber toy at him.

He managed to dodge her with some quick moves and came near her to pick her up.

“Who threw his dick on stage?” Nas then asked the audience.

And now Adam – who occasionally sings as lead singer for rock legends Queen – has revealed a similar incident happened to him.

The 41-year-old pop star laughed it off and even sent the X-rated item back to its sender and may have hooked up with the woman who threw it.

“It was weird,” Adam told Metro.co.uk.

“Luckily he wasn’t aiming for my head, he was aiming for my shins and he bounced off my leg and dropped it on the floor and shook once or twice.

I thought, ‘What is this?’ Then I realized, ‘Oh my God’, and without giving a single blow, I threw it back in the direction it came from, and I think it must have hit the woman who threw it. on me.

I don’t think it hurt her, I think she laughed, which is fine, but she did it right. It was fun,” he added.

This summer, smartphones, jewelry, and even someone’s ashes have been thrown on stage at pop concerts.

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