“I don’t know how many Mission Impossible he needs”

Emily Blunt claims to be ready to do Edge of Tomorrow 2 and throws a tackle at Tom Cruise:

Emily Blunt Claims She’s Ready To Do Edge Of Tomorrow 2 And Tackles Tom Cruise: ‘I Don’t Know How Much Mission Impossible He Needs’ – Warner Bros

The sequel to the great sci-fi movie has been in development for years but never really takes off. And there’s a good reason for that, according to Emily Blunt…

Time passes because Edge of Tomorrow came out nine years ago, a great sci-fi movie in which Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt joined forces. Since then, there has been a lot of talk about a possible sequel that has never finished moving forward. And now, the actress who can currently be seen in Oppenheimer made it clear that she was already looking forward to it.

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A tackle that does not go unnoticed

Blunt recently participated in the podcast Happy Sad Confused on the occasion of his participation in the recent film directed by Christopher Nolan. At some point, they ask him about Edge of Tomorrow 2 and the actress confesses that she read a script, also noting the following: “There was a script that Doug Liman sent me…I would love to direct it, but I don’t know when or how or how much Mission Impossible Tom Cruise needs”.

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The actress promises that “I’m ready and I’m not the one who prevents me from doing it”so the question remains what exactly is the problem so that Edge of Tomorrow 2 to become true. For now, that tackle she threw at Tom Cruise has us thinking…

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