“I don’t want to be that rich”

Marlene Engelhorn to 29 years old he is the heir to a millionaire fortune, of about 4 thousand million euros, but has chosen to give up 90% of his assets. The reason? She says she doesn’t want to be “that rich”. The story of the German-speaking student in Vienna went around the world.

Marlene is a descendant of the founders of BASFone of the largest chemical companies in the world, which recorded a turnover of over in 2021 78,000 million euros. Founded in 1865, BASF has patented some historical inventions such as indigo dye (one of the first dyes synthesized on an industrial scale) and the technology necessary for the functionality of magnetic tapes (cassettes and video cassettes). According to Forbes his grandmother occupies position 687 in the ranking of the richest people in the world.

Amalia of Holland, the young heir to the throne renounces the millionaire income: “I did nothing to deserve it”

“I didn’t do anything to deserve them”

The young woman says to don’t need all this money and he does not consider it right to receive them without having done anything to deserve them: «This is not a question of will, but of correctness. I did nothing to receive this inheritance. This is pure luck in the birth lottery and pure coincidence “he explains in one of the interviews with German newspapers” It shouldn’t be my decision what to do with my family’s money, for which I didn’t work. ” For the young woman, excessive wealth leads to tension, problems and misunderstandings: “I don’t know what to do with it and I couldn’t be happy.”

Pulp photocopier, treasure of two million banknotes hidden inside destroyed: yellow in Vicenza

Taxmenow: who are the rich who want to pay more taxes

Marlene admits to be a privileged girl, but this does not prevent her from expressing her ideas against social inequality and striving to change things. Ideas that led her to found the AG Steuersrechtigkeit movement, known throughout the world as “Taxmenow“composed of heirs of great fortunes who ask for a increased taxes on large estates. “Being a person who has enjoyed the benefits of wealth all his life and I know how distorted our economy is. I can’t just sit around waiting for someone, somewhere, to do something, ‘Marlene told the BBC.

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