I gained weight in half a day! Today’s USD price on January 5, 2024

Mexican peso gains half-day gains as a result Today’s USD price on January 5, 2024 Currently 16.88 units per US dollar; find out what’s here Bank of Mexico exchange rate.

Mexican Currency Registration Appreciation of 0.71% Compared to Thursday’s reference price, although initially following the release of the U.S. jobs report Down 0.39% is 17.07 units.

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Mexican peso expected to rise by end of first week of 2024 Yield 0.39%.

Today’s US Dollar Price in Bank of Mexico on January 5, 2024

The price is Bank of Mexico USD Today January 5, 2024* Quote from:

  • BBVA Mexico – Buy 16.04 pesos, sell 17.18 pesos
  • Citibank – Buy for 16.39 pesos, sell for 17.33 pesos
  • Azteca Bank – Buy for 16.35 pesos, sell for 17.75 pesos
  • Banault – Buy for 15.75 pesos, sell for 17.20 pesos
  • Confirm banking – Buy for 15.90 pesos, sell for 17.40 pesos
  • Scotiabank – Buy for 15.20 pesos, sell for 18.20 pesos
  • imbursa – Buy for 16.70 pesos, sell for 18.00 pesos

*Exchange rates are as of 10:27 AM

According to information from Reuters

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