“I had a lot of trouble with it”: singer BigFlow confides in one of his premises

Singer BigFlow gave a candid interview a few days ago in a podcast for Konbini. The young rapper notably returned to the complexes he faced. One of them is related to her physique, and specifically her face. ,Me, I have a terrible face, I honestly think so. i learned it a long time ago i had a hard time with it“, he explained.

It was during acting lessons that he began to develop this complex. ,There was an exercise where you had to look yourself in the eyes. There hasn’t been anyone who’s done this to me who’s been serious and who hasn’t laughed. I wasn’t kidding. They were all saying, unconsciously, in a hurtful way: ‘Madam, head of the flo, I can’t!’. and I was like ‘ah yeah it’s true I have a weird face,

Luckily, one day she decided to ignore it and not let the comments affect her anymore. ,One day, I really didn’t care, but in an almost bizarre way, I couldn’t explain it. Maybe it’s success, it’s also my father who’s always been very uninhibited“, he explained.

The duo of Biglow and Ollie will perform on the stage of the Francofolies de Spa on July 22.

Interview below (from 37min07):

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