“I have no doubt that his name will emerge” [foto]

While in Fairfax, Virginia, the libel trial continues between Johnny Depp And Amber Heard, the world is taking sides on both sides. Although the outcome of the dispute is decidedly uncertain, it is undeniable that the star of Pirates of the Caribbean has the preferences of the public. Also Eva Greenactress who worked with him in 2012 in the film Tim Burton Dark Shadowshe decided to take sides in his favor by writing a post on Instagram.

I have no doubt that Johnny will emerge with his good name and wonderful heart revealed to the world, and life will be better than it has ever been for him and his family.

Eva Green is one of several actors who have publicly expressed support for Johnny Depp during the trial. For example, the comedian Bill Burr stepped forward on his podcast to support the actor and urge his haters to apologize if he wins.

From what I’ve seen, is overwhelming, fuck. And the great thing about this is that it really exposes this woman’s lies. I wonder if all these people who, you know, have accepted her lies about him, are going to apologize in some way

Burr noted that people have “publicly destroyed “ Depp is that “It would be nice if they publicly apologized and said, ‘Maybe next time we won’t jump to conclusions'”.

Also Chris Rock, during a comedy show, he wanted to have his say siding on the side of Johnny Depp.

I believe all women, I believe all women… except Amber Heard. What the fuck is he doing? She f ** k in her bed! He’s fine but he’s not fucking well. Once you fuck in someone’s bed, you’re just guilty of everything

What do you think?

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