“I heard things …” Pierre Palmade released by Muriel Robin, who no longer wants to be his friend after the terrible accident Lemberger Zeitung

At the origin of a terrible road accident on February 10, 2023, while he was under the influence of narcotics, Pierre Palmade – indicted for manslaughter following the death of a fetus, is waiting today his trial today, which should be held by 2024.

And if the comedian, who benefits from a relaxed judicial control allowing him to be free of his movements (on the condition of not leaving the Gironde), is currently trying to rebuild himself by participating in particular in detoxification cures, he however, cannot count on everyone’s support to move forward.

Pierre Palmade released by Muriel Robin

A few days after hearing Michèle Laroque, her stage partner, be moved by her sad evolution, “He’s got crazy talent but he didn’t solve his problems“, it is now the turn of Muriel Robin to turn your back on him. Guest of RTL this Friday, September 1, the actress has indeed revealed how much this case had motivated her to distance herself from Palmade, met at the time of The class.

All I have to say is: one I know and two I saw and heard things that are not in his favorshe coldly swung. This is why I have never expressed myself and why I will not express myself.“Then, she added it,”But I could tell that I’m not her friend anymore” .

A strong affirmation which may surprise you in the light of their long friendship, but which she fully assumes. According to Muriel Robin, it was only a matter of time before such a decision was made. “It is an awareness. It’s like I already knew, beforeblew the actress. But that I managed. Sometimes we love for two. When you wake up from this…“.

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