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Since he separated from Carla Moreau, Kevin Guedj is a new man. In any case, this is what he reveals on social networks. Despite the failure of his marriage, the candidate of the Marseilles did not let go and even found love with a certain Chloé, unknown to the general public.

The father of the family had also declared to Télé Star that he was “very happy” with her. At the same time, the latter admitted to Télé 2 Semaines that he was living his separation with Carla Moreau “pretty good”. “I feel more fulfilled, I see more people, I feel happier, I am free to do what I want, I feel better about my life”. It is said !

“I love him and that’s it”

Chloe? Kevin Guedj is madly in love with it. And if he showed discretion until now, the candidate no longer hesitates to declare his love to him publicly. “There, I fell madly in love”he wrote on Snapchat before saying that he does not intend to display his darling for the moment: “To all the people who ask me to show it etc… I answer you: no, because it is useless (for the moment). Social networks are one thing, real life is one other”.

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On Instagram this time, Kevin Guedj continued his pretty statement. “I learned a lot of things. Let’s live happy live hidden… And that’s what I do and those who are not happy it’s the same! I’m happy and I have a person who makes me smile like I’ve never had it! I love it and that’s it”he said before concluding in the most beautiful way: “Chloe I love you like crazy!”.

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