“I love you Lizzo”: despite complaints of harassment against her, the singer can count on.. Beyoncé

A little over a week ago, we learned that singer Lizzo was facing more than just accusations of sexual, religious and moral harassment: three of her former dancers have filed a complaint against her. The exact object of this complaint? A toxic work environment, inappropriate gestures, and even grossophobic remarks while the artist considers himself body positive.

The consequences of these complaints are already being felt. Awaiting her trial, Lizzo has already been excluded from certain events: she is no longer considered for halftime at the SuperBowl 2024.

Size support

But as the noose closes in on her, Lizzo can count on significant support. And not from anyone: during a concert, this Monday evening in the United States, Beyoncé delivered her love for the singer. “I love you Lizzo“, says Beyoncé to her audience. Known for her usual reserve, Queen Bey has just given her support to Lizzo, in a rather particular context.

As a reminder, the former dancers of Lizzo had explained that they had been forced to go to a striptease club in Amsterdam. The singer allegedly urged them to “touching naked dancers” and to “eat bananas coming out of the private parts of these same dancers“.

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