“I met 3 girls with cancer”

Boston Celtics, ‘Buried’ a few days back with a 3-0 in their Eastern Finals series against the Miami Heat, they are already in great position to make history and surpass this score in the playoffs after putting this score in a 3- Became the first team to do so. 2 with last night’s win.

set player joe mazzulla He assures that he has always believed, however there is one very special story that has fueled that belief even more. Majulla himself told when asked by a journalist whether he had done anything different in India last 48 hours To prepare for Game 5 in terms of mindset.

“I met three girls 21 years with terminal cancer. And I thought I helped them, but they helped me. understand what life is and see a girl die smile and enjoy His life is really what it’s about. Have such faith You always hear that when people hold the trophy they glorify God, but you never hear it at a time like this. So, for me, that opportunity is right where I am and it’s just belief,” the Celtics coach explained.

The ‘newbie’ coach of the Massachusetts team is usually very brief in his responses to reporters, but this time he opened up and explained, quite naturally, Humanizing the NBA, Reflect on how normal elite basketball can be in the context of life. Inspiring and priceless stories that, like James Harden with John Hao, make the best league in the world even greater.

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