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Bassetti, probed by FdI and Italia viva, evaluates the options: «I am a liberal. Hope? He made a reform that is a disaster “

Matteo Bassetti, infectious disease specialist and full professor, serving at the San Martino di Genova, is one of the well-known faces in the fight against the pandemic. And he ended up in the crosshairs of those who, in the center-right and among the Renzians, are looking for personalities to propose to the Italians in the single-member constituencies in the elections on 25 September. And he? He is tempted, even though he would prefer to be directly recruited as Minister of Health.

Professor Bassetti, politicians are looking for you.

“I have many relationships with politicians, I think it is physiological considering what has happened in recent years.”

Apart from the physiological contacts, are you tempted by a direct involvement in politics?

«As I said to those who thought of me, my willingness at the moment is to offer technical help. I am convinced that this country must go in the direction of merit and competences. I am available for mine ».

That is, is he available to be the next Minister of Health?

“Of course. I believe that historically the health ministers who worked best were doctors: Elio Guzzanti, Girolamo Sirchia, Umberto Veronesi. Especially at this moment, between Covid and monkeypox, a technician is needed. He is an infectious disease specialist all the more reason. There is no time for a politician to arrive and understand how the mechanism works, perhaps surrounding himself with consultants ».

Is it a judgment against the outgoing minister, Roberto Speranza, who isn’t a technician?
“Well, I’m not at all satisfied with how healthcare has been handled over the past three years. Speranza has made a reform that is a disaster, a populist reform that has already failed. Let me give you an example: providing community homes with doctors available 24 hours a day when the competitions are deserted means having no idea how the system is going. It is the demonstration of the distance that exists between those who govern health and those who work in health. We need a radical change. I expected that President Draghi, a person whom I naturally respect, would replace Speranza already when he took office in Palazzo Chigi ».

Your intentions seem like a candidate … Professor, what kind of political air are you?

“I am a liberal.”

But contacted by FdI for these elections.

“The specific matter of my contacts I prefer to remain confidential. Of course, if not sharing Hope’s positions means being center-right, then I’m center-right. It does not seem to me, however, that the entire line-up of the current minister has always shared his positions ».

But in short, if you were asked to stand for election, perhaps in a college, and then propose you as Minister of Health, would you do it?

“We see. I love my job, I have no interest in leaving it to become a senator or deputy. Let’s say I’d rather be called as a technician. The Ministry of Health should be treated like that of the Economy: first the competence is identified, then eventually the political area ”.

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