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With ten episodes, the 3rd season of Never Ever… has just arrived on Netflix.

Never Ever… fans were graced with ten new episodes of the teen plot last Friday (12) with the 3rd season of the series. With Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) gradually maturing, Mindy Kaling, one of the series’ creators, spoke about the current stage of the characters in the beloved Netflix attraction to The Hollywood Reporter.

Initially, The Office star cited the introduction of a new character to the narrative and the importance of seeing this in an audiovisual narrative. “What I found interesting about this season is this idea that when my parents immigrated here, my mother didn’t have any friends. This idea that Nalini [interpretada por Poorna Jagannathan] is a lonely woman, an immigrant whose husband has died, and her playing an Indian friend was really fun to write and important to see,” said the screenwriter. “I had never seen this on TV and I wanted to see this.”

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After putting the protagonist in love dilemmas, which involved Paxton (Darren Barnet) and Ben (Jaren Lewison), the third year of production introduces a new element to the equation: Des (Anirudh Pisharody). “We saw Crazy Rich Asians three or four years ago and it was like, ‘Oh my God, Henry Golding must be lusted after.’ It’s just inspiring. It’s like, ‘Oh, we can do that too,'” Kaling said of casting young people for the show, which described the new character as “a beautiful young Indian love interest” for the teenager. “They’re out there, and if I can help show some cute love interests and help a few heartthrobs along the way, I feel good about that.”

I Never vs Euphoria?


We have several examples of teen series dominating television networks and, of course, streaming. The portrayal of youth, luckily for the public, has different styles and perspectives. Sex Education is an example. The series is on the same platform as Never before… but it is found elsewhere in the teen imagination.

Another successful series that delves into this high school period is Euphoria. Asked about the contrast between her series and the attraction played by Zendaya, Mindy explained her decision not to approach adolescence as in the HBO show.

“I love Euphoria and I think [o criador] Sam [Levinson] is like a genius. I think he has a lot to say about things like sex and drug use and addiction and that’s incredibly interesting, but we don’t have a lot of experience with that,” Kaling said of her and co-creator Lang Fisher. “I watch this show from the edge of my seat, indirectly, but I feel like nerds lusting after guys is more about what we feel comfortable writing about, so that’s why we do it. We write about fighters and idiots and people who are underrated.”

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Fisher added: “Mindy and I are not cool enough to write Euphoria. I can’t imagine us [escrevendo algo] like, ‘Okay, now she’s going to do heroin.’ We played pretty succinctly and safely in the 14-year-old rating space, and we weren’t like the teenagers on Euphoria either. Mindy and I were good girls who were jerks and maybe we each had half a boyfriend.

Will I Never Get a Season 4?

In March of this year, Netflix made it official that the teen plot would arrive, yes, in its fourth chapter. However, the new batch of episodes will be the last. In fact, filming for the last year of the series concluded this week, just days before season 3 hits Netflix.

The closing of Never Never… is scheduled for 2023.

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