“I received 60,000 messages from Iranian women” [VIDEO]

«It was tough, I’ve already been here with you for a long time, I promised myself I wouldn’t do it again but there were too strong reasons that came from my heart».
Thus Mario Ferri from Pescara, known as “Il Falco” to the microphones of Francesca Benvenuti of Sport Mediaset regarding the invasion of the field carried out during the Portugal-Uruguay match of the World Cup underway in Qatar.

The Qatari company is the 14th of the “career” of the Falco di Pescara.

Ferri, after evading surveillance, entered the pitch holding a peace flag and wearing his classic Superman S shirt with two clear messages: “Respect for the Iranian woman” and “Save Ukraine”.

Il Falco recounts how he was saved from serious trouble by the president of Fifa, Gianni Infantino: «When he saw me he said to me: “But you again? After 10 years aren’t you bored? Don’t you want to find a girlfriend?” President, I apologize but it is as if I had played cops and robbers and I, the thief, won against 20,000 guards. He laughed, he said he couldn’t laugh but he laughed. And they decided to release me.
Then Ferri explains the genesis of his striking gestures as follows: «Definitely the adrenaline and then certainly being the promoter of messages in which I believe especially if they are prohibited. When I woke up I found like 50-60 thousand messages from Iranian women and it was a beautiful thing, forbidden but beautiful». Then the Hawk closes as follows: «I think it could have been the last invasion, I would like to retire, but I don’t know what will happen but being a Robin Hood 2.0 is part of me».

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