I Scarlett Johansson works! The amazing tip to make the bust look larger


Do not enter the operating room to make that a top fits you like you want… Look at this tip that will surely work!

In the last few decades, the bust size of women has become something so important that it is as if the vast majority you Want to make them very large!

However, as we are all different and have different bodies. Not all of us it seems that we are left with the same kind of dress. How do you do when you want to put a top and you feel that maybe your chest is too small? This is one of the best tips!

It is a to use a bra model “push up” (the rise and spread) at the time that combined with a fabric that falls gently on the chest: This will give a visual effect of volume incomparable.

Between the famous, the popular Scarlett Johansson has said that applies this trick when you have to put dresses of neckline, And it seems that it works because it always looks sensational!

Among the options to be used as a fabric, have lace, bows and belts, and even scarves.

Use your imagination and feel pretty!

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