I Segni del Male the plot of the film on Rai 4 tonight 10 August

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I Segni del Male the film on Rai 4 tonight Wednesday 10 August, the plot

The Signs of Evil the film chosen by Rai 4 for tonight Wednesday 10 August a disaster horror directed by Stephen Hopkins (known for having directed Nightmare 5 – The myth, Predator 2 and Lost in Space) and produced by Rober Zemeckis, written by Chad and Carey Hayes, creators of the successful horror saga The Conjuring.

Released in 2007, the film grossed $ 62.8 million worldwide, of which $ 25.1 million in the United States, against an estimated budget of $ 40 million.

I Segni del Male the plot of the film on Rai 4 tonight

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Let’s find out the plot of the film together The signs of evil on Rai 4 tonight an ideal disaster horror for fans of the genre. Reworking the biblical myth of the Plagues of Egypt in a horror key, The Signs of Evil tells the story of Katherine, a former missionary who lost her faith following the tragic death of her family who is now dedicated to unmasking alleged paranormal phenomena by providing an explanation scientific.

The woman is called to investigate some strange events that occur in the town of Haven, Louisiana, which recall the ten biblical plagues and which the community attributes to the malign influence of a disturbing orphan girl who killed her brother and it seems that after the fact that the river of the city was tinged with red.

The cast

  • Hilary Swank: Katherine Winter
  • David Morrissey: Doug
  • Idris Elba: Ben
  • AnnaSophia Robb: Loren McConnell
  • William Ragsdale: Sheriff Cade
  • David Jensen: Jim Wakeman
  • Stephen Rea: Father Costigan
  • Samuel Garland: William Wakeman

Where can I find it in streaming

If you don’t want to turn on the TV, you arrived late, or you don’t have a television, The signs of evil it is streaming on Rai Play, it is also available for rent and / or purchase on Rakuten Tv, Chili, Apple Tv, Prime Video Store, Google Play / You Tube.

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