I solidarity! Taylor Swift saved a record label that’ll pay all expenses!


Due to the quarantine caused by the coronavirus, many businesses have been affected, and in the obligation to close their doors, among them a label of name “Grimey”s New & Preloved Music” that Taylor Swift follow too close.

If a few days the singer it was in the news for helping their fans who were suffering from Covid-19 and I donated about 3 thousand dollars, has now returned to be in the news for its incredible solidarity.

On this occasion the composerhe made contact with the owner of the record label to tell you that I would send him the necessary help so that after the quarantine can continue to open its doors.

The owner of the venue, Doyle Davis, said: “We were quite surprised when the publicist Taylor he contacted us to offer help for the duration of the pandemic.”

“We had No idea that she knew that we exist, but apparently it is already very seriously in protecting small shops of Nashville like ours,” Davis explained of the gesture the artist.

According To Doyle, the actress I offered to pay the salary of the local staff, while also providing them with health insurance “Something that is a relief for us because we had to ask for a credit to pay the rent and service suppliers”.

Without a doubt Taylor Swift has been able to help people that have been most affected by the pandemic that has invaded the whole world with their donations to pay for treatments, or in this case to be able to keep open a local.

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