“I spent the day naked with Emma Stone”, Hubert Benhamdine (Christophe) reveals an unusual anecdote with the American actress

No summer break for such a big sun ! All summer, our favorite characters continue their incredible adventures on France 2. Intrigues sometimes as surprising as those experienced by the actors of the series, far from Montpellier…

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It’s time for relief such a big sun on France 2. While Laurent Geoffroy (Emile Feltesse) was caught in the act of corruption, the return of Becker (Yvon Back) to the Montpellier police station seems to have been confirmed. This should bring joy to Manu (Moïse Santamaria), Akim (Aïssam Medhem) and Elise (Malya Roman) in particular. But for Louis (Sylvain Boccara), it’s not time to party, since the land of his childhood is threatened by the construction of a housing estate. Despite the help of Ludo (Folcho Marchi) and Noémie (Lucile Krier), this battle could well be similar to that of David against Goliath. Unless…

such a big sun : new murders for Christophe (Hubert Benhamdine)?

Will the Florist commit a new crime? If a few weeks ago, the veterinarian seemed to be on the trail of a certain Pedro, his meeting with father Sylvio (Marcel Gonzales) turned everything upside down. Hesitant to give up his macabre ritual, Cécile’s husband (Marie-Gaëlle Cals) finally decided to wait before hanging up his arms, convinced that he was carrying out an almost divine mission. Will he assassinate the famous Pedro or will he “receive” a new sign from the beyond, while the health of the priest seems to worry Janet (Tonya Kinzinger who has made revelations about the future of the Janet/Becker couple)?

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such a big sun : “We were filmed making love from just about every angle”the unusual revelations of Hubert Benhamdine on his shoot with Emma Stone

Like his colleagues, Hubert Benhamdine also combines professional projects outside the Vendargues studios (where the series is shot such a big sun). Thus, the actor will be next fall on the bill of Poor Things, a film by Yórgos Lánthimos, alongside a three-star cast including Mark Ruffalo, Wiliam Dafoe and… Emma Stone (who revealed his very daring scene with Olivia Colman). If the French actor has only one sequence in this feature film, it is precisely with the actress of La La Land that he shared the line in an unlikely sequence…“In this sequence, I play a priest who goes to a brothel, and the woman he makes love to is Emma Stone laughs the companion of Malya Roman, before adding “I spent a day filming naked with Emma Stone. Finally with some protection anyway” he specifies. An anecdote to say the least original for the actor who does not seem to have been disconcerted for all that. “What I remember is that we were filmed having sex from almost every angle, but that it happened in a simple way, and it owes a lot to his attitude. to her. What was fun was the contrast between what we had to do and the good-natured professionalism that reigned” he concludes. Professionalism in all circumstances!

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