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The Cuban actress the double of Norma Jeane in Blonde, competing at the Venice Film Festival, the first Netflix film forbidden to minors under 17: I studied hundreds of photos and videos

far from the imagination of a diva who, sixty years after her death, which occurred on August 4, 1962, remains among us, with her soft, tragic voluptuousness, with her fragile sensuality, continuing to make us dream. The new Marilyn is 34 years old, Cuban and put on a blonde wig: her name is Ana de Armas and the film, Blonde, while waiting to go to the Venice Film Festival, can already boast a record: in the US the first Netflix title with the red dot, prohibited to minors under 17 (in Italy it will be available from 28 September). Director Andrew Dominik, who adapted Joyce Carol Oates’ novel of the same name, said he was surprised, we live in bizarre times, Americans are weird when it comes to sexual behavior. This film navigates ambiguous waters but has its own morality. If that were not enough, the institute that holds the image rights on Monroe protested the Cuban accent, which does not fit the unmistakable voice of the diva.

Ana de Armas shared with Marilyn has difficult beginnings: I grew up in Havana with rationed food, fuel shortages and light that came and went, but I can’t say I didn’t have a happy childhood. She says that as a girl she didn’t know what was going on outside Cuba, I didn’t have access to the Internet, at home I could only watch twenty minutes of cartoons on TV on Saturdays and films on Sundays. I watched Hollywood movies in my neighbor’s house, memorized entire monologues in front of the mirror. In Cuba she attended theater school as a teenager: My first film arrived, they told me that I had to study, if you accept we will fail you. And so I had to repeat the year. At the age of 18 she had Spanish citizenship thanks to her maternal grandparents and flew to Madrid, where she began her career as an actress. In Los Angeles, in 2014, I started from scratch, I didn’t even speak English. She starred with Ben Affleck in the erotic thriller Deep watersthe two had an affair, before he got back together with Jennifer Lopez.

In the film, the resemblance between Ana and Marilyn is striking, even if they are completely different because no realistic portrait can stand. The director, in fact, paints a non-linear fantasy (not a historical document). It tells the story of Norma Jeane, abused daughter, dark haired, of a single mother, who becomes the most famous blonde star. What does it mean to be Norma and Marilyn at the same time? The unconventional film is meant to be a sensory and emotional experience, said Ana de Armas, former Bond Girl in No Time to Die alongside Daniel Craig. The director’s ambitions were clear: he wanted the world to experience what it really means to be not only Marilyn but also Norma Jeane. the boldest, most unrepentant and feminist way to approach his story. He saw and read everything that was possible, I studied hundreds of photographs, videos, audio recordings, each scene inspired by existing images; she explains that for the 47 days of shooting three hours a day in makeup. The director dug into the trauma that demands a rift between public and private identity.

There will also be the famous interpretation from Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend from the movie Men prefer blondes. At its core we find the human cost of the Hollywood industry, the power and risks of female sexuality, the impact of childhood trauma. The sincere film – says the director – made with love but at the same time full of anger. My ambition to make you fall in love with Marilyn.

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