“I upload Napoli to a WhatsApp group. The truth about Totti, Insigne and Koulibaly”

The passion of the Napoli fans, the summer revolution on the market, the relationship with Aurelio De Laurentiis and that with Francesco Totti. Luciano Spalletti was the protagonist of a long chat on ‘DAZN’ for the first episode of the new season of Linea Diletta.

Spalletti and the new Napoli: “We will restart from 4-3-3”

In the interview granted to Diletta Leotta, the Napoli coach spanned various topics, starting with his own football concept to be applied in a demanding square like that of the Neapolitan city: “On the pitch I like to see a team that wants to do battle with any opponent, as happened last year against Barcelona: we drew there and lost with many goals at home, but I liked the attitude more. seen in Naples even if it is difficult to go and tell it because we conceded two goals in a few minutes and made many mistakes. In football terms, Naples is an important and ambitious square as well as very passionate. You see love and passion from the first good morning to the morning , I appreciate it, I only get angry when I see that the commitment of the boys is not recognized, the fans must rest assured because this will never fail. Tactically we will restart from the 4-3-3 that gave us satisfaction, hoping there is the possibility to develop an appreciable game for such a demanding and connoisseur audience, which has seen the strongest of all, Maradona play. You can’t hide anything from the Napoli fans, they catch you immediately“.

Kvara and Osimhen immediately scored, Napoli show at Bentegodi: 5-2 at Verona

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Kvara and Osimhen immediately scored, Napoli show at Bentegodi: 5-2 at Verona

Spalletti, Napoli and the WhatsApp group “I’ll be with you”

Then we move on to talk about the many changes experienced this summer on the market, which have not, however, lowered the degree of personality and competitiveness of the group. And there is also room for a background on last season relating to the delicate eve of the away match in Turin against Juventus:This year we have changed a lot, but I see that the new ones are already in tune with those who were already there. We will need some time, but we already have leaders and I am thinking of Di Lorenzo, Rrahmani, Anguissa and Osimhen who can become one. Lorenzo captain? He was an easy choice, he has the qualities to relate to his teammates and opponents. We also have a WhatsApp group in which we often compare ourselves, it is called “I’ll be with you”, I used it in the games where I was forced to stay at home such as the away match against Juventus. I remember that everyone wanted us not to play for the many positivity at Covid, but I wrote that I was happy that they let us play because we had trained well and because those who were there and had played little until that moment had a great opportunity which is been exploited“.

Spalletti and Koulibaly’s leadership: “He was my commander”

The farewells of Koulibaly e Insigne but they leave a void: “Koulibaly came into my office every morning, it was a hug made of muscles, he was the real influencer of the locker room, the Commander: for me it’s like having lost a collaborator. On the pitch he made himself heard with his voice and physical prowess, it was as if he were a coach, he always wanted to attack, recover the ball high, he always said “eat eat”, he meant ‘Eat field, let’s jump on him’. I tried everything to get him to stay but he made the decision with his family. Kvaratskhelia is a guy from whom we expect a lot, he has gone to replace a champion who has decided to make new acquaintances. I hoped until the end that Lorenzo would stay with us, but in the end it wouldn’t have been right to keep him
in from the beginning“.

Spalletti and the Naples revolution: "Very high ambitions.  And on the market ..."

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Spalletti and the Naples revolution: “Very high ambitions. And on the market …”

“Totti? Excellent relationship, he made me popular with the TV series”

Finally, the relationship with De Laurentiis and the one with Francesco Tottifrom the farewell to football of the flag of Rome to the TV series focused on the relationship between the former Giallorossi number 10 and Spalletti himself: “With De Laurentiis everyone was betting that it would be hard to get to the end of the first season, instead we often meet. We have our points of view, but for now there is good dialogue. It disturbs me to hear that Icardi and Totti have finished because of me. It is not true. Icardi didn’t go away with me, but with Conte who could have used him because he was still an Inter player. Totti was fundamental for me in terms of his contribution to the team, in terms of personality, then if we rewind the tape, it’s all clear to me. He finished when everyone knew I was leaving at the end of the year, he could continue. In that Rome there were people Keita, Maicon, Strootman, Nainggolan, De Rossi. If I hadn’t done the right thing, it would have been difficult to be followed: if I had really committed a wrong to Totti it would have been impossible to finish second ahead of Napoli. The TV series? I’ve heard about it, looked at it for a while, what’s wrong is that he had content to do it on himself and he did it on me, he made me a very popular character. There were two or three scenes that if he had asked me I would have gladly lent him, he would have made a boom in ratings. One day I’ll do mine …“.

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