I want this! There has not been such a foldable smartphone yet

In April, TCL unveiled its concept of a smartphone that can be folded and rolled at the same time.

After folding, the device would have a 6.87-inch screen and dimensions typical for an average phone.

The display, folded in half, after unfolding would have a diagonal of 8.85 inches.

An additional portion of the screen would be expanded, allowing the working space to be expanded up to 10 inches.

Until now, the Chinese limited themselves to showing ordinary visualizations, so there was not much to admire. However, TCL went a step further.

The foldable TCL Fold ‘n Roll has a working prototype

A working copy of this ingenious device was shown at the DTC 2021 fair in Shenzhen.

It is still only a prototype. In addition, it was rather early, because the company did not even bother to prepare even the simplest animations. At least, however, we have proof that something like this has the right to work, so sooner or later someone will introduce this type of device to the market.

But I like this folding phone concept!

The screens of folded phones like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 usually have an aspect ratio close to 4: 3 when unfolded. And these are pretty treacherous; yes & hairsp; – & hairsp; photos, when websites or websites look great on them, but panoramic videos are not necessarily.

All because of the proportions through which the window with the film is not bigger than on a regular smartphone.

The Fold ‘n Roll design solves this problem; thanks to the fact that the screen can be further expanded and its aspect ratio extended, all types of content can be displayed in a larger size.

Application? There is still room for innovation in the foldable smartphone market.

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